Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Weekend Adventure

To "No Mans Land" 
aka: Promontory Point and ATK

We went for a little "adventure" and went to Promontory Point. Where the "East and West Joined" the country together by railroad.

Our first stop was at ATK (formally known as Thiokol) My dad worked there for many years doing secret government stuff, and blowing up things (Or that's how we though about it as kids) This is the "rocket garden". Seeing this, and reading about bombs, and rockets scares the crap out of me! Its so secret and scary. . . . 

This freaks me out! 

What's really creepy is that most of these displays are from things made in the 50's!

Not far is the "Golden Spike" Visitors Center
Click here for a quick history lesson

We had wind burn on our cheeks the next day :(

It's not an adventure without Abigale Sheepie!
A fun, cold adventure!

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