Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Leave This Woman Alone!

*This is meant for the media*

Did Paula Deen’s diet cause her diabetes?

Not to sound like that crazy "Leave Brittany Alone" kid, but come on! Paula Deen is a cutie! She's sweet, happy, and loves food! So, because she is a little chunky and has Type 2 Diabetes now she is the Devil of the Food Network!? NOBODY deserves Diabetes, Type 1 or 2! I'm tired of hearing all the crap about fat people! It's not because I'm overweight, but because it's cruel.

Sadly, this has even linked up in the cancer world too. Can you imagine it? Chastising a poor bald woman fighting breast cancer because she's overweight? It's already starting and it's just sick!

We live in a world where the media portrays dangerously skinny women as "role models" and makes any person feel inadequate for being normal.

Dr. Benjamin with children participating in  Let's Move

Who's this cute lady? She is the Surgeon General. Check out her website HERE . She talks about making health "joyful" and finding out what makes you find "your own" joy in health. She also talks about "Its not about telling you what you can and can't eat", but having fun, and making your life the best it can be!

I just wish her message was celebrated and more freely passed along.

This is not beautiful, healthy, and I am sure this "woman" is not happy. We all need to move our bodies, and eat more veggies, but we need to enjoy doing it, and realize that many overweight people are proud of their current weight because they once weighed more than they do, and they are taking control of their lives, and finding joy in loosing weight.

People may chastise a 250 pound woman and say she is grossly "obese" (another cruel word) but what if she weighed over 400 pounds and was on a healthy diet, and was proud of getting down to 250? How does that change how people feel about her?

"Food" for thought!


  1. I don't like stereotyping or name-calling either! Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this.

    1. Thanks, I was kinda on a soap box rant.... :/

      I just believe ALL people suffer from D and it sucks for anyone affected by it, not to mention the people that love them.

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  3. IF eating lots of carbs, and sugar gives you diabetes, I would have been diagnosed like 20 years ago... silly people..

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