Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Review in pictures

I Couldn't get my pictures to turn...... Sorry! :(

This was my first Christmas as Mrs. Bott, and what a wonderful Christmas it was! We had so much fun, and did so many fun things!

"Dasher and Dancer"

We went to "This is the Place" State Park It is an old Pioneer town and it was so cold that day! We took some presents and handmade items down to Primary Children's Medical Center, and decided to hang around Salt Lake because we were going to hang out with all Tyler's family later. It was soooooo stinkin' cold! We half froze, and because most things started after dark we wandered around freezing, but still it was fun!

We later went to Chuck a Rama with the family! I am so lucky to have so many adorable nieces and nephews! It melts my heart to see them playing with their Uncle T. They love him so much,and he really loves them. They really share a special bond. It makes me really happy they warmed up so quickly to me too! I know some people's nieces and nephews never do, but these kids treat me like they have known me forever and that makes me so happy. We later went to Gardener Village, and looked around the shops, and went "Elf Hunting". I was dubbed the one with the "Elf Radar"!

We saw this cow, I'm not going to lie, it was probably my favorite thing there, I really want one! Isn't it cute?

 On the little train ride around the village. Ty and I were the only ones there haha! My honey's face says it all!
Who needs Santa when I have this cutie!?

Beautiful stained glass windows. I love in the spring morning when the light shines through and the sanctuary glows so beautifully. I get lost in that gaze. 

We went to candle light service and it was beautiful. It is my favorite part of Christmas. I love the music and the telling of Christ's birth! (it's nice too because my parents live right across from the church!

At my parents house we lit up our traditional luminaries!

Our 9 ft Christmas Tree! It's sad but the pictures do it no justice!
All the ornaments are reds, greens, browns, and golds.

Yay for presents! (Come on, who doesn't love presents?)

Our 71/2 foot tree in the kitchen. This is the Victorian tree I decorated when I lived in my apartment.

Our Living Room (We have really high ceilings)

Our first Christmas Feast! What a wonderful time!

Bring on 2012! Here's wishing you a year of nothing but wonderful things!


  1. That is one furry cow! I've never seen one with long hair! : )
    You had a beautiful Christmas-and a delish dinner! I'm so happy for you-your nieces and nephews sound wonderful-Happy First Christmas together! : )

  2. What fun! I want to go with you guys next time, you know where all the fun is! Your trees are beautiful! You have such a talent for decorating. Oh, the kids say "hi"....I love keeping up with you through blogging!