Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Beauties of Yellowstone! :)

Me and my Honey Being Silly! :)

 Bears beating each other up at Bear World

Me, My Honey, and Pumpsley who did better than I thought on my trip. My BG was ALL over the place! I had a hard time with all the extra hiking we did, and with the excitement. One of the cruelest things about having T1D is going low because you are so excited about something. Its all good though. I made up for it with some of the most yummy food I have EVER eaten. (Plus with all the exercise I didn't gain weight!)

Grand Tetons
Got Milk?

Old Faithful
We hiked down to where the falls go over the mountain! It was Sooooo amazing and beautiful!
Mammoth Springs

The Sulfur Cauldron
Abigale Sheepie in Yellowstone! We have a picture of her where ever we go!

Buffalo Crossing
Fishing Bridge (Although you are really not allowed to fish there)

After the Loooonnnnngggg hike down to the falls! We survived! 
Grand Tetons
Abigale Sheepie at the Grand Tetons!


  1. Oh wow.


    I want to head to Yellowstone so badly!!! When I visited my mom in Montana, I fell in love with the scenery.

    The pics are breathtaking.

    Thank you for sharing...you guys are so cute! Love your Abigale Sheepie ;)

  2. First. LOVE Abigale Sheepie!!!
    Second. LOVE all the amazing pictures-and COLORS!! Wow..just gorgeous!!! : )