Friday, August 5, 2011

Life on my Mini Farm....

Of course her Highness....... Miss Lucy Goose! Shes been such a brat lately! :(

This was one HUGE bee!

Gardens in the Back Yard

I love these Giant Sunflowers!

Snapdragons by the Garage. Tyler makes them "sing".....



Miss Cheep


Sissy the Speckled Sussex

Posing for another shot!

Twanda (From Fried Green Tomatoes) She looks mean, but she's a sweet chicken,

Thumbelina Shes full grown. We have several Silkies, and they stay small and fluffy. So cute!

Puff Mama Phebe

Playing in the "Pen"

Did you get my Close-up?

We love this little chicken, but we found out he is a rooster.... So he went to s farm that has other Silkies.  Reports have claimed he has found a mate, and there may be babies in the future.... 28 days to be exact.....
We have so much fun our our little 1/2 acre farm. We currently have 12 chickens, 2 geese, and a bunny. There's never a dull day.  Its a lot of work but I love every moment! I'm still dreaming of having a sheepie, but until Winter Hollow Farm gets a little more acreage, I will just have to see them at the Fair. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


  1. Looks like tons of fun. Gorgeous flowers!

  2. WOW, amazing!!

    Buffy looks like she could kick some ass!!

    and I love the look of the fluffy chick peas...very cute!!

  3. You NEED a sheep! : ) heehee The animals are beautiful and those flowers...amazing! : ) I love your farm. : ) hugs!

  4. I love your farm :)

    I wanna come visit!!!! My girls would have a blast!