Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Crazy, Beautiful Life!

Like most blogging friends, life has been Super Crazy, 
BUT... Super Wonderful! 
Pictures describe the best! Here's what I have been up to. . . . . .

 Taking my Grandfriends cycling!
 This was on June's 91st Birthday!

 Making Watermelon Sharks! YUM!

Taking the Grandfriends Canoeing!

Having Canyon Cookouts! 

Hanging with my Grandfriends!

Me and my Grandfriend and Activity Assistant Phebe!

 At the 4th of July Parade!
 Our Entry! We throw out mini loaves of homemade bread! Everyone knows us and they run after the bus screaming "brrreeeeaaaaad"!

 We still have TONS OF SNOW in the canyons, and have had lots of flood problems!

4th of July BBQ with my WONDERFUL Husband! He's so CUTE!

 He went with us to the fireworks, we scored free $45 tickets in the super primo section! We had so much fun! We saw Diamond Rio, and amazing fireworks! Not only is my husband so good to me, but he is so good to the Grandfriends too! (Abigale Sheepie, goes EVERYWHERE! We have funny pics of her in every place imaginable!)

 The chickens are getting better, and the garden is GROWING! Plus we got a new goose named "Honker"!
 My sweet Taylie (One of my friends little girls) is celebrating her 6th Birthday without Cancer! Her Leukemia is in remission, and we are participating in Relay for Life on Saturday! The theme, "Celebrating Another Birthday!"

 My Beautiful Mum is so amazing! 
She is doing a concert tour in October in Connecticut! 

 Loving the beautiful days of my life! 

Celebrating Father's Day "Wentz" Style in true Halloween spirit! We had a werewolf theme complete with a giant screen outdoor showing of the remake: "Wolfman"! We have such awesome parents! Everyone is jealous! They are so much fun! 

In other news......
*My Poppy found out he had skin aggressive skin cancer, they were able to cut it all out and he is doing much better.

* I went to the doctor and had my A1c checked........

Drum-roll Please!


Life is good! (Just super busy!)
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Summer!


  1. Holy awesome A1c!!! Good for you. Sounds like you have had an awesome summer.

  2. Such a great update! Love the pictures and that A1c rocks it babe! :)

  3. What a busy summer! : ) LOVE the pictures of your grandfriends! : ) And that tongue out? Hilarious!

  4. wow. that's CRAZY busy. I adore all the pictures. they are fantastic and beautiful!!

    you deserve a HUGE congrats for such a wicked good A1C! You can do this!

  5. Looks like a great summer ---- love the pictures!! Wonderful!!

  6. I love these awesome pictures!!!!! HOLLA AND HIGH FIVE ON THAT A1C.

    Grandfriends = LOVE. I love them. I love to talk to them and listen to their stories. They're so wise and they don't mince words!

    Hubs is a hottie...and you can tell him I said so :)