Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Happy Birthday Insulin!

Dear Insulin,
We've been together a LONG time. You are my life support. Without you I would not be living the wonderful life I have. I am so thankful for your discovery, and advancements. Until we find a cure we have you, and we are happy for you! (and a piece of that cake would mean about 4.2 units of insulin)

To this man, we give our THANKS!

Frederick Banting discovered insulin was a treatment for diabetes.Frederick Banting discovered insulin was a treatment for diabetes.


Insulin is a hormone produced in the pancreas. It was isolated in 1921-22 at the University of Toronto. The scientists involved in the research were Dr. Fredrick Banting, Charles Best (a medical student at the time of the discovery), Professor J. J. R. Macleod and Dr. James Collip. On June 3, 1934, Dr Frederick Banting the co-inventor of insulin was knighted for his medical discovery.

Kickin' it "Old School"

Thank-you Canada!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

All Type 1 Diabetics ARE NOT MANIPULATIVE!

Sometimes I just feel like what I mean to say doesn't turn out the way I mean to. I made a comment on a blog, and I guess it was really upsetting to the author. Since I am sure many have seen it and realize it was me, HERE is the link. 

I defiantly meant no offense to this woman that is trying hard to take care of a T2 diabetic husband who, from what is posted is non-compliant, and uses his D to get out of doing everything. I do realize that there are diabetics, probably a quite a few that have these behaviors, but as for myself and many others in the DOC, WE DO NOT!

In my own defense and what I feel is the defense of others working hard with D. We are all not manipulative. 

This was in the post written as a response to my comment:
(The words in red are taken from her blog post) 

If you tell me it's cruel to use a label - you are trying to influence me to do something else.  That's manipulation.

Do you:
ask someone to carry glucose tabs with them in case you go low?
expect someone else to give you orange juice or something when you go low?
ask someone else to eat at a specific time because you need to?
ask someone else to limit carbs, sugar....any foods they might like because you don't eat it?
think someone else should call 911 when you pass out.....because the love you?
think that the person you are in a relationship should want to help you because they love you?
ask someone else to make room in their refrigerator for your insulin, or make room on the shelves for your medical supplies?  
do you give consideration for what other's might feel when they see you injecting yourself?
do you expect someone else to assist you with your injections?

To my own defense, 
*I NEVER ask people to change their lifestyle for me. 
*I never expect people to carry sugar or glucose tabs/
* I NEVER tell people to limit what they are eating or ask someone to eat differently because of me.
* My insulin doesn't take up that much space.
* Would imagine that my husband would help me with something I needed, the same way I would help him with anything.
* I try to hide when I am pumping and giving shots, but am NOT ashamed to be a T1 D. It's life plain and simple. I am sure people with walkers, handicap stickers, wigs from chemo, etc don't worry if they are putting people out by being seen.
* I have always done my own injections, and site changes, my husband does offer to help sometimes so I can utilize other injection areas. I would never force anyone.
* I work very hard, most people think I am a healthy individual and would never know otherwise.
* I would call 911 if my husband had a life threatening problem, and would hope that any person, family or stranger would do the same. He has severe Asthma, and I would be right on top of that if there was a problem.

And that, my dear, is the problem with diabetics.  So fast to make slow to accept responsibility.  The fact that you can work circles around a healthy person has very little to do with's how you treat those healthy people, what you expect/ask/want them to do for you.  

"That is the problem with Diabetics"
THIS comment hurt me pretty badly. I am not fast to make accusations, and realize that this poor woman has been through HELL!  I accept responsibility and usually grieve alone, so that I don't put upon others. I suffer in silence, and put on a smile through pain, just so "healthy people" won't worry themselves about me. I don't expect them to do anything for me.

My life has been difficult (health wise), but I have chosen to be happy with what I have, despite all that has been taken from me. Being a T1D has made me a better person. I am not perfect, far from it. I would imagine that ANY person who had ANY sort of disease, wouldn't want to be negatively labeled as a whole.  I treat EVERYONE with respect, but do defend what I feel is right. I work hard to show that T1Ds are like everyone else. 

"So fast to make slow to accept responsibility"
This contradicts EVERYTHING I read in the DOC. Post after post is nothing but sacrifice and taking responsibility! 

I am TRULY sorry if I offended this woman, and openly apologize for doing so. I hope things will be better for her. AT the same time, although our opinions differ I will defend my position and the position of those working hard everyday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Being a Type 1 Mini Farmer Diabetic Wife

I love my life. There just not enough time in the day to do it all. I love my AMAZING husband, my job with the Grandfriends, my family, and my farm and garden. (yeah, that sounds selfish with all those mys... )

Sometimes I know the animals are conspiring against me. Lucy goose can chomp my insulin tubing in half with one bite! She also has some sort of fascination with trying to bite off arm Dexter sites. I finally found out whats going on.......
Those CRAZY Chickens!

Life is busy, and it's a tad depressing to already see Fall decor and Halloween stuff going out in the stores! I mean come on, May and June flowers are finally in bloom!

I saw this in the store and laughed so hard, it's on a greeting card rack. I could just here this cat in my mind saying "Ohhhhh Myyyyy Goooosssshhhhh!

 Maybe it's because that cat knew we dressed our baby bunnies in diapers! Yeah, no comment!

Anyhoo! Have a great weekend and don't forget to stop over at Naturally Sweett and see Haley's awesome Sugar Bolus! She really is a Sweetie!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a Crazy, Beautiful Life!

Like most blogging friends, life has been Super Crazy, 
BUT... Super Wonderful! 
Pictures describe the best! Here's what I have been up to. . . . . .

 Taking my Grandfriends cycling!
 This was on June's 91st Birthday!

 Making Watermelon Sharks! YUM!

Taking the Grandfriends Canoeing!

Having Canyon Cookouts! 

Hanging with my Grandfriends!

Me and my Grandfriend and Activity Assistant Phebe!

 At the 4th of July Parade!
 Our Entry! We throw out mini loaves of homemade bread! Everyone knows us and they run after the bus screaming "brrreeeeaaaaad"!

 We still have TONS OF SNOW in the canyons, and have had lots of flood problems!

4th of July BBQ with my WONDERFUL Husband! He's so CUTE!

 He went with us to the fireworks, we scored free $45 tickets in the super primo section! We had so much fun! We saw Diamond Rio, and amazing fireworks! Not only is my husband so good to me, but he is so good to the Grandfriends too! (Abigale Sheepie, goes EVERYWHERE! We have funny pics of her in every place imaginable!)

 The chickens are getting better, and the garden is GROWING! Plus we got a new goose named "Honker"!
 My sweet Taylie (One of my friends little girls) is celebrating her 6th Birthday without Cancer! Her Leukemia is in remission, and we are participating in Relay for Life on Saturday! The theme, "Celebrating Another Birthday!"

 My Beautiful Mum is so amazing! 
She is doing a concert tour in October in Connecticut! 

 Loving the beautiful days of my life! 

Celebrating Father's Day "Wentz" Style in true Halloween spirit! We had a werewolf theme complete with a giant screen outdoor showing of the remake: "Wolfman"! We have such awesome parents! Everyone is jealous! They are so much fun! 

In other news......
*My Poppy found out he had skin aggressive skin cancer, they were able to cut it all out and he is doing much better.

* I went to the doctor and had my A1c checked........

Drum-roll Please!


Life is good! (Just super busy!)
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful Summer!