Friday, June 3, 2011

A wild, busy couple of weeks!

It's been so crazy the couple of weeks! Here is some of the craziness!

Blood Sugars. . . . .
Seriously What the H*LL?

Blood Sugar Crashes. . . . . .

I did surprisingly have a couple PERFECT Blood Sugar Days!

Working on Lucy Goose's House. We had to but up *blinders* because the neighbor kids' teasing has started to make her mean, and noisy. Poor Lucy Goose. This is the back side of her house.

Admiring tulips planted from last fall. It's been SO WET, quite a few bulbs got drowned out and had to be dug up and thrown out.

Having a least one day of half decent weather to plant flowers for my Grandfriends at work.

Wishing the snow would GO AWAY! BUT....not too fast because our little side of the city is looking like a war tour country with sandbags 3 ft high all around people's property. Between flooding, non-stop raining, 

and microbursts, we have had CRAZY WEATHER!

We just finished our new chicken coop. I think the new chickens like it. 
The older chickens are trying to figure out what's going on, and how these new peeps are! 

 My poor honey hasn't felt good either. Poor thing. He's cute even when he's asleep though! ;)

Here's to a easier going month! Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. have been busy. Your Dexcom trend lines look VERY familiar. Know you are not alone in that department. Hope you and your hubby get to slow down soon to enjoy the beginning of summer.

  2. Beautiful flowers! I hope Lucy Goosey gets a reprieve from those kiddos! Sound like you deserve a nap, too!! :)

  3. Oy! I hate when dex gives those ???

    Love that least graph! Awesome pics!

  4. Your tulips are beautiful!

    Hope June is smooth sailing!