Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey "Peeps", Help me name my Peep! (My chicken needs a name)

This is a Silkie chicken. These beautiful chickens stay small, and are very friendly. Matter of fact they have become the newest "it pet" in Hollywood!

Yes, that really is a chicken that Tori Spelling has dressed up. It is wearing a chicken diaper (yes, they make those, no ours don't wear diapers) and is the same breed pictured above except hers is pure white......

I will admit though, Our Lucy Goose *used* to wear clothes and diapers. She is big now, and might take off my finger if I tried to dress her like this again. This was last July at a parade. People were more interested in her than the parade.

ANYWHO. . . . . .

I thought it would be fun for people to post their name ideas for our chicken. Tyler and I will go through the names and choose one from the posts! Send us your name ideas before Saturday June 11th and we will announce the name on Monday! *The Silkie looks like the one in the top picture except a little lighter in color.

Everyone can participate! It might be fun to get some ideas from the kids. Post as many names as you like! I am excited to see what people come up with!

(We have a pure black Silkie named "Alice Poopybum", a grey Silkie named "Thumbelina Poopybum, and a white and grey splash Silkie named Olga)

Have Fun!


  1. So cute! No wonder they're the latest celebrity pet fad!

    How about Wilkie the Silkie?

    Madeline suggested Harmon. I have no idea where that name came from, but she said it immediately. So there you have it. She made me promise her that I'd let her know what you decided to name the chicken. She's into your naming "contest." :)

    1. how about the name Heather Mc Feather

  2. Your site is so cute! : ) I'm glad to find you and your glam chickens! They're so adorable.

    How about Eggie McMuffin? or Fluffy Rumpelstiltskin? : )

  3. I'm late (as usual) but I thought I'd throw my idea out there, anyway: Super Chick!

  4. your site is just adorable. I hope a name was chosen for the chicken