Thursday, June 9, 2011

D in Pictures

I have been very impressed with people's pictures regarding the world of D. I think we live in for so long it becomes "our world". Most pictures need only a few, if any words. I've decided to start shooting some "raw pictures" in my D world. I'm going to add them together in a book, so hopefully it may become a "coffee table" book conversation starter for people who are interested or for education purposes.

I'm including the first 2 today!

Medicine..... It's our "lifeline" and usually in the butter compartment or veggie drawer!

This picture made me realize that due to doctor's blaming my problems on "puberty" as a child, (because I "girl problems" early on) I am now suffering irreversible damage from misdiagnosis. The signs were there but ignored for a few years.
This is when I learned the pancreas can either "die quickly" or over the course of a few years. As the damaged pancreas tries to keep working, it may still produce insulin, and it's symptoms may not be as noticeable.(At least this is the information the doctor gave me with a surprised look, when he was reading the results of the bloodwork with a BG of 570, and ketones galore.)
I'm just glad there is better education in the medical community, then what was there 20 years ago.

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  1. oohh yes... the supplies. we get so used to a last minute shot in the garage near the car, we sometimes joke if someone came in, we'd look like

  2. Pictures are so powerful. Keep taking and posting them and make the book. Great idea!

    The photo of your medicine cabinet is especially moving.

    I'm truly sorry misdiagnoses caused such damage for you. ((HUGS))