Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ahhh, it's going to be a crazy summer!

I have noticed that with school being out and summer finally starting, most people are cutting down on the blog posts. I too, just have so much to do!

 For the next couple of months, I am just going to post once a week (Wednesday) on all the weeks happenings. I do greatly appreciate everyone, and have been super impressed with everyone's "You can do this" videos!
 Thanks for being my friend, you all mean so much!

Happy Summer!

Yay for Summer!

Monday, June 13, 2011

D Life Picture #3 and Chicken name winner!

In this picture I was so sick, and my blood sugar was all over the place. 
This was right after being treated for a BG of 32.....
Another reason we need a cure! 
ONE bad night can be deadly! (No matter what the age)

We have a chicken name winner! Thanks for all who participated! 
We liked a lot of the names, but laughed our butt's off at Reyna's suggestion: 

"Puff Mama!"

So our new "Puff Mama" is proud of her new name! 
Thanks Reyna we LOVE it! 

(After picking a name we watched honey badger in your honor! :)

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Don't Forget!

Today is the last day to leave our name suggestion for our Silkie Chicken! Leave a comment and we will announce the name winner tomorrow!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

D in Pictures

I have been very impressed with people's pictures regarding the world of D. I think we live in for so long it becomes "our world". Most pictures need only a few, if any words. I've decided to start shooting some "raw pictures" in my D world. I'm going to add them together in a book, so hopefully it may become a "coffee table" book conversation starter for people who are interested or for education purposes.

I'm including the first 2 today!

Medicine..... It's our "lifeline" and usually in the butter compartment or veggie drawer!

This picture made me realize that due to doctor's blaming my problems on "puberty" as a child, (because I "girl problems" early on) I am now suffering irreversible damage from misdiagnosis. The signs were there but ignored for a few years.
This is when I learned the pancreas can either "die quickly" or over the course of a few years. As the damaged pancreas tries to keep working, it may still produce insulin, and it's symptoms may not be as noticeable.(At least this is the information the doctor gave me with a surprised look, when he was reading the results of the bloodwork with a BG of 570, and ketones galore.)
I'm just glad there is better education in the medical community, then what was there 20 years ago.

PS -Don't forget to leave me with a name for the chicken contest! Read HERE for further details!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Hey "Peeps", Help me name my Peep! (My chicken needs a name)

This is a Silkie chicken. These beautiful chickens stay small, and are very friendly. Matter of fact they have become the newest "it pet" in Hollywood!

Yes, that really is a chicken that Tori Spelling has dressed up. It is wearing a chicken diaper (yes, they make those, no ours don't wear diapers) and is the same breed pictured above except hers is pure white......

I will admit though, Our Lucy Goose *used* to wear clothes and diapers. She is big now, and might take off my finger if I tried to dress her like this again. This was last July at a parade. People were more interested in her than the parade.

ANYWHO. . . . . .

I thought it would be fun for people to post their name ideas for our chicken. Tyler and I will go through the names and choose one from the posts! Send us your name ideas before Saturday June 11th and we will announce the name on Monday! *The Silkie looks like the one in the top picture except a little lighter in color.

Everyone can participate! It might be fun to get some ideas from the kids. Post as many names as you like! I am excited to see what people come up with!

(We have a pure black Silkie named "Alice Poopybum", a grey Silkie named "Thumbelina Poopybum, and a white and grey splash Silkie named Olga)

Have Fun!

Friday, June 3, 2011

A wild, busy couple of weeks!

It's been so crazy the couple of weeks! Here is some of the craziness!

Blood Sugars. . . . .
Seriously What the H*LL?

Blood Sugar Crashes. . . . . .

I did surprisingly have a couple PERFECT Blood Sugar Days!

Working on Lucy Goose's House. We had to but up *blinders* because the neighbor kids' teasing has started to make her mean, and noisy. Poor Lucy Goose. This is the back side of her house.

Admiring tulips planted from last fall. It's been SO WET, quite a few bulbs got drowned out and had to be dug up and thrown out.

Having a least one day of half decent weather to plant flowers for my Grandfriends at work.

Wishing the snow would GO AWAY! BUT....not too fast because our little side of the city is looking like a war tour country with sandbags 3 ft high all around people's property. Between flooding, non-stop raining, 

and microbursts, we have had CRAZY WEATHER!

We just finished our new chicken coop. I think the new chickens like it. 
The older chickens are trying to figure out what's going on, and how these new peeps are! 

 My poor honey hasn't felt good either. Poor thing. He's cute even when he's asleep though! ;)

Here's to a easier going month! Have a great weekend everyone!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

Sugar Bolus Winner!

Comment #10
Rosalie Jones! Please e-mail me your addy so I can get these beautiful earrings out to you! As a bonus I will also be sending 3 bottles of Avon Bubble bath and a Salt City Candle in "Apple Orchard" scent!

Thanks for participating! :)