Friday, May 13, 2011

Days: 4 The HATE (repost from Blogger outage) and 5: The LOVE

The Love and the HATE! 

Day 4: The top ten things I HATE about D!
1: I HATE when people assume that YOU did something to cause your diabetes! Look people, Just because I am a chunk, doesn't mean I did this to myself. Consequently, these are the same people that call it dia-beet-us! *COLD SHIVER UP MY SPINE* GRRRR!

2: (RELATED TO #1) Doctors, and the medical community are now calling it "DIE-abetes" and even spelling that way too, in some guilt-ridden intimidating way to get people to "loose weight and exercise".

3: Medical taped cover tubing, tegaderm, pump/Dex sites, and medical "things" all over my arms, chest and legs are the normal for me. STOP staring at me like I am a freak show. If my stomach could absorb insulin, I could them better, but guess what? I can't so get over it, and oh, don't cover your face like your going to catch it! (yeah, that really happened).

4: I HATE what D does to my family. Worry, Guilt, Pain, Concern, and tears are the worst side effects of D.

5: (Somewhat related to 4) I HATE when you are low and you can't control your emotions. You get angry, and "whiny"  and get yucky to be around. It's also easy to get depressed, It's bad enough you have loss of control of your physical body, but emotions too? Not cool!

6: Guess what It's not just a pain in the butt, but a pain in the fingers, arms, head, heart, and soul......

7: Everything has to be calculated. You have to measure everything! Guess what? I SUCK at math!

8: EVERYTHING EFFECTS YOUR BG! EVERYTHING! Food is kinda predicable, EMOTIONS are NEVER predicable! It's bad enough having out of control BG when your sick, exercising, or stressed, but imagine that joy, happiness, and excitement can bottom you out in a heartbeat! That's not fair.

9: When you get excited about the day when your pump and Dex changes are on the same day so you can shower, or take a bath completely naked, thats just sad! (sorry for the over-share)

10:  BLUE CANDLES! Although I am pretty optimistic person, I get frustrated that there is no cure. I have a hard time believing it's that hard. You know what the problem is, JUST FIX IT ALREADY! ( I know that's not nice, I'm not meaning to offend anyone, so please don't take it that way)

EVERY negative has a positive, As much as I hate D, there have been amazing things because it. Here's a list of things I LOVE that have happened because of D!

* The DOC rocks!
* Wonderful Friends
* Being strong, even when you can't
* Being more thankful for every day!
* Learning patience
*Learning to connect to other people
* Walking at the JDRF
* Helping find a cure
* Knowing that even though it sucks, sometimes, it really could be a lot worse.

Because of D, I am stronger, and realize that I can take on the world if I can manage the difficulties and challenges of the world!

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  1. I hate Dia-BEEEEEEEEE-Tus...that is perhaps #1 on my list. LOL. Great list Rachael...well great two lists. I am so very grateful for finding you. You are such a support in the DOC. Thank you for that. Your words and encouragement and insight always mean a lot to me.