Sunday, May 29, 2011

Man "Celebrates" 85 years of being a Type 1 Diabetic!

I loved this article. The oldest living Type 1 Diabetic turned 90 last week!

Article Here

The trim, white-haired Bob Krause puts it more succinctly: "I'm a stubborn old man. I refuse to give up." *LOVE IT!*

Friday, May 27, 2011

Sugar Bolus! This One's For the Girls!

We "girls" work hard, whether it be functioning as Super D Mama Pancreases, or Super D People thriving and living with D ourselves.

Either way, D makes life complicated, and sucks time away faster than we can keep up. Usually after dealing with D, families, animals, kids, and thousands of chores, we barely have time to brush our teeth before we hit the sack.

We are all beautiful ladies, so for my Sugar Bolus, I am giving this beautiful earing set. It's amazing how something little can make you feel so good. So if you are on the run, you can throw in a quick set of real gemstone earrings as you're off to conquer not only D, but the world too!

Love you, my D (girl)friends!
Colorful and set to sparkle, this collection of genuine gemstone earrings is a perfect gift for any of life's special occasions. In this set, there are 6 different colors, and all of them are ready to sparkle.
 Includes the following Gems:
  • Garnet
  • Amethyst
  • Citrine
  • Peridot
  • Blue Topaz
  • White Topaz
6mm round gemstones.
10.5 TGW
Polished sterling silver setting and posts

I'm also including a little "surprise" to help pamper you!

Happy Friday, and Memorial Weekend!

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Help! I need some ideas. . . .

This may be a silly, or plain out stupid question, but how do you meal plan? I try to be good about eating "healthy" and I have been not feeling that great after eating high carbs, white flour, or sugar, so I haven't been eating those types of food. I don't want to deprive Tyler from his comfort foods, but I don't know where to begin.. . . . I grew up in a family where we had a stay at home mom and she took care of all that. 

Do you plan for the whole week?
Do you make everyone eat the same food?
Do you shop every day, or every week?

We both are working about 55 hours a week, and sometimes it's just hard and tiring. I just need some ideas!

Thanks so much!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The most AWESOME dream EVER! It Had all my DOC Friends in it!

I've not been feeling too well lately. I was doing so well on the D Blog week and well, I blew it. I was feeling kinda bad about it last night. The DOC must have been on my mind because I had a dream about my DOC friends and it was SO AWESOME!

It started out in a park (I'm not sure where) I was sitting on a bench just watching some birds, when a little girl came running up and sat down next to me. So cheery and happy. Next thing I know she whips out a meter and starts testing herself. She looks so familiar. I look at her and ask, "Is your name Cara?" Her face lit up, "Yep thats my name!"

It was Cara from The We Cara Lot Blog!

We sat for a moment and she saw some tubing and asked about my insulin pump. I took it out to show her. The next thing I know I see Reyna, Bridget, and Joe come skating over!  They had a bunch of bags!

Of course I start yelling to them, "Reyna, Reyna, It's me, Rachael from Pumpsley and Me!" They all three stop and come over, telling me about getting cans for a project. I laugh when Reyna mouths "F*** Ya" and gives me a high five! (I'm sure I started laughing in my sleep, thats so awesome.)

Next, I see a helicopter and It's Wendy and her whole family! The Chopper lands in the park and they come running over to say hi! All the girls are wearing those super cute blue tutus and flowers in their hair.
(For some reason we are all sitting in a circle playing "Duck, Duck , Goose".  Tink is mad because Joe keeps picking her.

We sit under a tree for a while shooting the breeze when we see a big group of people coming up the side walk with picnic baskets. One is yelling to me, Holy Crap! Its Haley from Naturally Sweett! She comes running up and gives me a big hug! (In real life she really helped me see the happy side of a rough situation this month! Thanks Miss Haley!)

Behind her I see, Jill and Kacey, Heidi and Family, Super Nate's Family, Addison, Jess, Tracy and Family, Nicole, Kris and Family, Heather, Alexis and Taylie (I was sad because she didn't have hair in the dream. She's doing okay and has hair today. She is in remission from Leukemia). There were more people, sorry I couldn't remember everybody...

Everyone pulls out their picnic baskets and its full of sugar free foods, and gluten free foods! We have fun in the park for hours, playing and talking. Everyone is showing each other their pumps and CGMS. It was like a big family!

Finally, it started it get dark. We all had glowsticks and decided to have a parade! Marching down a street with tons of people cheering, we dance down the street waving blue glowsticks, and throwing blue bracelets into the crowd. A bunch of the kids are riding on a float decorated in blue. Suddenly, Bret Michaels appears on the float and it stops, and a big concert erupts! Beside the float people are handing $100 bills to a woman, and there is a counter that is keeping track of the money. When it reaches 1 Million dollars everyone starts cheering! Then Bill Gates Appears and donates 100 Million more, so everyone can get insulin free of charge!

Then I hear Dex beeping..... I wake up, and before even checking my BG I start writing down the dream. afterwards I realize I am 54, but it was totally worth it!

I know it was just a dream, but it felt so real, and I got to spend the night hanging out with my DOC friends!

You guys rock! (Even when I'm asleep!)

Thanks for an awesome night! (((HUGS))) to you all! :)

Friday, May 13, 2011

Days: 4 The HATE (repost from Blogger outage) and 5: The LOVE

The Love and the HATE! 

Day 4: The top ten things I HATE about D!
1: I HATE when people assume that YOU did something to cause your diabetes! Look people, Just because I am a chunk, doesn't mean I did this to myself. Consequently, these are the same people that call it dia-beet-us! *COLD SHIVER UP MY SPINE* GRRRR!

2: (RELATED TO #1) Doctors, and the medical community are now calling it "DIE-abetes" and even spelling that way too, in some guilt-ridden intimidating way to get people to "loose weight and exercise".

3: Medical taped cover tubing, tegaderm, pump/Dex sites, and medical "things" all over my arms, chest and legs are the normal for me. STOP staring at me like I am a freak show. If my stomach could absorb insulin, I could them better, but guess what? I can't so get over it, and oh, don't cover your face like your going to catch it! (yeah, that really happened).

4: I HATE what D does to my family. Worry, Guilt, Pain, Concern, and tears are the worst side effects of D.

5: (Somewhat related to 4) I HATE when you are low and you can't control your emotions. You get angry, and "whiny"  and get yucky to be around. It's also easy to get depressed, It's bad enough you have loss of control of your physical body, but emotions too? Not cool!

6: Guess what It's not just a pain in the butt, but a pain in the fingers, arms, head, heart, and soul......

7: Everything has to be calculated. You have to measure everything! Guess what? I SUCK at math!

8: EVERYTHING EFFECTS YOUR BG! EVERYTHING! Food is kinda predicable, EMOTIONS are NEVER predicable! It's bad enough having out of control BG when your sick, exercising, or stressed, but imagine that joy, happiness, and excitement can bottom you out in a heartbeat! That's not fair.

9: When you get excited about the day when your pump and Dex changes are on the same day so you can shower, or take a bath completely naked, thats just sad! (sorry for the over-share)

10:  BLUE CANDLES! Although I am pretty optimistic person, I get frustrated that there is no cure. I have a hard time believing it's that hard. You know what the problem is, JUST FIX IT ALREADY! ( I know that's not nice, I'm not meaning to offend anyone, so please don't take it that way)

EVERY negative has a positive, As much as I hate D, there have been amazing things because it. Here's a list of things I LOVE that have happened because of D!

* The DOC rocks!
* Wonderful Friends
* Being strong, even when you can't
* Being more thankful for every day!
* Learning patience
*Learning to connect to other people
* Walking at the JDRF
* Helping find a cure
* Knowing that even though it sucks, sometimes, it really could be a lot worse.

Because of D, I am stronger, and realize that I can take on the world if I can manage the difficulties and challenges of the world!

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Day 3: D Bloopers!


Short and sweet.......

If you are wearing a skirt, and are using L--O--N--G length tubing. ALWAYS be sure that when you run to the bathroom at the WALMART, that you are NOT tucking the tubing in your underwear! OTHERWISE you will go around the with your skirt hiked up with your undies showing! Instead of anyone telling you, you will just get laughing snears! :) The joys of D!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Day 2: Dear. . . .

Dear T1 D,
We've been together a very long time. You have long been the unwanted visitor in my life.  You have become part of me, and I cannot break free from you. I sit here tonight writing this letter because you are the biggest "Balance of LIFE!" Whether I want it or not.

Everyday, I feel frustration as I try to control uncontrollable numbers, But am so HAPPY that I have the tools to hold on until we find a cure.

I feel alienated,  ashamed, and embarrassed by the way I am portrayed by the media, yet I have ore of a chance to EDUCATE others about what T1 D really is.

I feel pain both physically and emotionally, but I can GROW, LEARN and show EMPATHY to others because I UNDERSTAND.

I sometimes feel alone, but know I am surrounded by AMAZING FRIENDS!

I sometimes feel scared, doubtful, and cynical, but you force me to have COURAGE, FAITH, and HOPE.

when I feel sorry for myself, I read of brave D MAMAS praying and sitting vigil all night to make sure their child makes it through the night while I PEACEFULLY DREAM.

When I see the Internet full of Blue lit candles, I mourn together with FRIENDS, and am SO THANKFUL for the life I have!

When I worry that one day I won't have a job, I know I have a boss that has stood by me though countless surgeries, Low blood sugars, and bad days. He's NEVER GIVEN UP ON ME!

When I hate you for being partially to blame for "not being a mom", I wake up on Mother's Day to find that my husband had spent most of the night making me a card that is COMFORTING TO ME, and brings me the peace I need to heal and move on. I also receive SUPPORT from my INTERNET FRIENDS, that is so special.

I think of how bad I HATE you, but how STRONG I have become because of you. It may not be in my lifetime, but I do believe there will be a day when T1 D is gone. All I know is that I can stand proud knowing, I didn't let you beat me, that I lived a good life despite you, an that along the way I met the most awesome friends (both cyber and IRL) anyone could ever have.

Rachael Bott

Monday, May 9, 2011

D-Blog Week Day 1


Admiring our differences - Monday 5/9:
As many of you know, I have such admiration for all the D Mamas out there. I am always surprised about how much I learn from all of them. I have made so many amazing friendships with all these moms! I think any person, D or not could learn amazing lessons from these super heroes! 
Thanks to all my D Mama friends! We really are a lot more alike then we all think! :)

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

This always makes me SMILE!

Thank you dear friends. I am feeling so much better today, and your kind comments, and prayers have helped me so much. Today is a new day, and I don't want to waste it feeling sad.....

This video always makes me laugh!

My favorite part? "You keep dancing on that cell phone you crazy little chicken!"

Its probably since I have a brooder with nine baby chicks in it. Tyler named one, and it makes me laugh so hard. * Sissy, the Speckled Sussex!*

Say that three times fast....

Have a good day friends, you sue have helped me to! :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not being a mom..........

*WARNING* I'm having a rough day and this post is mostly for my own wellbeing.......

For the first time in my life, I actually feel loss. I've had lots of experience with loss, but never really felt it. We lost our home to a landslide, that killed our 3 neighbors. I mourned their passing and the loss of our home, but I felt comfort knowing my family was okay, and my faith helped comfort my sorrow of the neighbors passing.. I almost lost my hand to infection, and came to the conclusion I could do anything with just one hand. I lost many boyfriends because of my health problems, but found the perfect husband! I lost my "girl organs" to cancer, I've lost my hair too (twice). My hair grew back and the scars healed, it could have been a lot worse. I've lost my dear Grandfriends from illness, and age, but I know they are always with me. I've never felt a complete "loss" to those things. I just always knew in my heart that I would be okay, and that I have family, and God to watch over me, and help me through it.

So why do I now feel such a raw, and deep loss? I have the most amazing husband, most amazing family, and a most amazing God that all love me. I sit here with tears streaming down my face, because for the very first time in my life, I feel loss. With the nearing of Mother's Day, I just want to scream. I have dreamed my whole life of being a mother, and maybe now it has finally dawned upon me, that my beloved Lucy Goose is the only "child" I will ever have. I try to stay positive in all things, but right now I just hurt. Now that I married people keeping asking when the baby is coming, or when we are starting our family. It's my one weakness. Usually the answer is "sometime" or my family is already complete" while I hurry off, choking back the tears, feeling like my heart just shattered into a million tiny pieces.

Why are there so many children in homes with parents that don't love them? Why are children treated like trash, dropped off at hospitals like an unwanted squash? Why can't someone just drop that baby basket on my door step? I would take that baby. I would love her or him so very much.

For the first time in my life, I feel like D has won. I found out that because of my health, it will be really hard to adopt. I was told I could *MAYBE* have a child with disabilities or be a foster mom. I would take either in a heartbeat until I think about what that means, more loss. I can't imagine loving a child and having someone take it from me, and know it's going back to an abusive father, or non-caring mother. I couldn't bear adopting a child with disabilities, and not being able to take of her down the road because of my own health problems, or watch her suffer and die in front of me.

My life is great, I don't know why I feel this way. I have a life other people would kill for. A good job, a wonderful husband, a cute farm, and a house.

I guess being a girl, it's different. I just yearn to hold a baby, smelling her baby hair, and dressing her in a frilly easter dress, watching her ballet class, and making PTA goodies. But I guess it just won't happen.

I know this will pass. I'm sure I will feel this again some day. I just wish Diabetes wouldn't have to take the one thing I really want. For all those commercials on TV that say your life doesn't change when you have D, they are so so wrong. *I realize that the cancer and caner risks are what caused the final surgery, but D is taking away the rest.....

Again sorry for this depressing rant. I really felt the only way I could cope with this today is by getting it out in a safe place.

Love you guys! :)