Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What a wonderful world

My Favorite parts of Easter Weekend........
I Love the stained glass windows at the church. I get lost in their beauty!

Eating candy, and not getting *too* HIGH! :)

Setting the table for Easter Dinner

Hanging with my wonderful family (me, my Mum and Poppy)

We got NEW baby chicks! They are sooo cute! 

When Tyler gets called out, thats not too fun, but we turned it into a beautiful Sunday ride. 
Oh the joys of working in the medical field! (We both do!) 

Spending my first Easter as Rachael Bott. Oh, how I love my HONEY! 


  1. Happy belated Easter! Sounds as though you had a wonderful day! I bet those sweets -- especially the Cadbury egg -- were worth those spikes! :)

  2. The easter table looks awesome :)