Saturday, April 30, 2011

Hoping for a cure. . . .

I was reading another article that talked about a new procedure aimed at "curing" Type 1 Diabetes. It was very interesting. You can read it  HERE

Taken from the story.........

In this latest study with monkeys, Ricordi loads islets on a disc and then implants them in the abdomen, rather than in the liver.
"The challenge is we're dealing with an autoimmune disease so we have to replace or get cells to regenerate that were destroyed," Ricordi told dozens of HUMC executives, physicians and health care workers on Tuesday. "And the key is to do this without a lifelong regimen of autoimmune rejection drugs."
Based on the success with the primates, Shapiro is hoping to have four patients undergo the procedure in early 2012, though recruitment hasn't begun. The ideal patients will be those who aren't responding to other treatments.

I guess with all the buzz about the "new" JDRF ideals, I too have formed a different idea of "cured" When I read up on organ donation, I was amazed at the articles I read about the medication that people had to take to not have their bodies reject the new organ, implants, or even new cells. I was sad when I read about a young girl who said she would rather have her insulin pump back than take all the medicine she needed to keep her donated pancreas and kidney. She said she was constantly sick, and puffed up from the steroids. Very sad:(  Don't get me wrong, I am so happy with the progress and I am not dissing on organ transplants, just pointing out that their story goes untold. They take on a whole new list of drugs, and worries. 

I have been thinking a lot about this. Yeah, we all wish for the miracle cure that would just take it away, but if we don't get to that point soon, wouldn't it just be nice NOT to be judged? Or be able to afford the technology we already have? 

I really enjoyed this article from CNN health from David Kendall of the American Diabetes Association. He says don't worry about the blame, focus on the disease. It's SO true. NOBODY wants to be diabetic. It's sad to me that people feel ashamed when they are because there is such a growing stigma. What's even MORE SAD.... now it has found it's way into the cancer world. Telling people that can PREVENT cancer by not being overweight and exercising. Yes, I agree we need to take care of ourselves, but if someone gets breast cancer, they didn't deserve it because they are carrying a couple of extra pounds.

Not only are people suffering, but people can't even afford to take care of the problem. I know people who  would kill for an insulin pump and Dexcom. I am so lucky that I can have both. I'm not going to lie, it's a HUGE burden of cost, even with insurance.  How many people do you know that would test more, if test strips weren't so expensive? I know plenty. 


All the D peeps in the world are in my thoughts and prayers, and I will always do what I can to educate the world about the truth of being a person with D. We are the future, we are educating the world, we are the change that we want to see in the world!
Thank you D Friends! I'm proud to be part of the DOC!


  1. Great post!

    Love the pic at the end.

    My son often asks how do we knoow the cure is reallly THE ONE if it comes? I think many of us will "miss" the devices we have come to trust.

  2. I agree with the gratitude for all that we have as "Diabetes Haves"...after what Hallie just went through with Sweets though...and with the deaths...and with Heather's 3 year old being her second one diagnosed...I am reminded now MORE than ever that "insulin is NOT a cure"...

    I am kinda anti-organ transplant too...b/c of the anti-rejection drugs.

    I am humbled to be in the DOC along-side you and all of the others. I am in amazing company. I am aware of that daily. xoxo

  3. Reyna-
    I agree that insulin isn't the cure, I guess in so many words, I just think everyone should have access to the best technology, until we find one. I don't think organ donation is a cure either....