Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Adventures with the Food Police

Put the angel food cake DOWN!

(I'm kinda ranting today, Sorry!)

I work at a retirement community. We HAVE AWESOME FOOD! It's all home cooked, and our chef is amazing. I work with another person who is a Type 2 Diabetic Male "controlling" his diabetes with diet and pills. He thinks he has to make some rude, dumb A** comment, whenever I eat ANYTHING he thinks isn't "right".

SO this is the conversation the other day, like most we have at lunch. I line together happily dreaming of the yummy baked chicken, mashed potatoes and gravy, and broccoli. We are also having a tossed green salad, homemade rolls, and angel food cake. (It's like elementary school lunch when you are having your favorite food)

I glance over and ask for a regular size meal with no broccoli. I happily take my plate and pour up a steaming hot SF hot chocolate. My mouth waters and I take a small cut of cake.

Grumbling next to me I hear, "Oh, yeah I forget, lucky one with the insulin pump eating whatever you want." I grab a salad on the end of the bar quickly taking a seat, thinking. . . .WTFudge!?

He plops down next to me eating a VERY LARGE plate of potatoes, gravy, chicken, and a roll. I really do laugh at the fact that canned peaches in syrup is HIS "decent" dessert.

"It must be nice". I don't answer...... "I try hard and the doctor says he wants to put me on insulin, I'm not doing it" I still don't answer......   "Must be nice to be a Type 1".......... I still don't answer and now is not the time to get super pissed. I am already experiencing a major heat wave of hot flashes and I could just jump and choke this idiot!

I count carbs and bolus, check my BG, because Dexter isn't being to good to me today. I only plan on eating half of the mashed potatoes because I am not very fond of them. He stuffs his face, and my ears feel hot. I know it's because I am pissed off. Before I know it, He jumps up and runs off for a LARGE bowl of seconds! He come back with about 4 servings of mashed potatoes and gravy. I just ignore him.

I take a bite of cake and that was the straw that broke the camel's back....

"I wish I could eat whatever I wanted to like you and not have to worry about it. That cake looks pretty good."

I grab my plate and retreat to my office, I can't handle anymore stupidity. Later on he asks why I was so upset. I try to explain that he already has eaten more carbs in one meal than I have eaten in the whole week! I gently try to explain that potatoes are carbs, and that there are a lot more in his meal, and that he could of eaten the cake, and been better off. By then I already know he knows, and I get even more ticked!

I don't play that "them vs us" but I sure do hate being nagged by "food police" that think just because I have a pump, my life is all games. I wish I could explain that one of the worst parts of being a type 1 D is that sometimes things OTHER than food really mess with your BG. IF food counts were all I had to worry about, I would have it MADE. Illness, sadness, exercise, excitement, sorrow, grief, fun, type of carbs, sleep, hot showers, work, and every emotion you can think of effect your BG! I would be happy to trade that anyday!

Some people are just DOO DOO HEADS! Grrrrrrr!

My sympathies go out to anyone (which I am sure is everybody) that has to deal with people's chosen ignorance!


  1. You should have shoved the cake in his fat face!!
    So sorry this happened Rachael, I love you!

  2. those kind of people are so difficult.. as people, patients, and everything... change your mentality and thinking, and opinions or you will end up on insulin.. see how awesome and fun that makes it.

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