Sunday, March 13, 2011

My One Month Anniversary!

Oh, how I am loving the married life! My honey is so amazing, and we are so excited to start building the addition on to our house! I am trying to be the best wife a girl can be! I never thought I would ever get married because I can't have have kids and because of T1 D. I cried an ocean of tears due to the times guys have broken up with me because of the two. I am so blessed! My honey is even so wonderful, he even hooked up my Super Nintendo so we can  play Donkey Kong and Super Mario! (Yes I love the old school games. They are so fun and a great stress relief)

We have been battling some sort of sickness. We have been SOOOO tired, and I have had the yucky stomach crap. I will be so glad when it's gone. My BG has been all over the place.

I am wondering if anyone is using metformin? My doc says it is a type 2 drug that they are now using for T1D's with insulin resistance. I guess it is suppose to keep your liver from producing sugar and help your body better use the insulin. I noticed it has greatly helped with the dawn phenomenon.  The downside is the side effects aren't so great. I guess it is a new treatment.

Anyways..... Have a great weekend everybody.

I need to be better about keeping up with my blog! :)


  1. Happy 1 month Rach...bummer to hear about you not feeling well...and cool on the "old school" - that brings me back to the day.

  2. Happy one month anniversary! I hope that you celebrate every single month anniversary in your marriage...what a gift you have found :)

  3. Lovin' that pic :) SO SWEET!!!!

    Personally, I'm an ATARI girl myself :)

    Feel better!

  4. Happy one month! May you always be this happy!!! :)

    I'm with Wendy. I'm from the Atari generation! :)