Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Running Fast!


I feel like I have been moving at the speed of light. I have also noticed that SO many people DX dates in February........ Mine too! Matter of fact it falls on my Wedding Day.

Here's my February Line-up. . . . .

February 12th Wedding & Dx Date
February 13th My Birthday
February 14th Valentine's Day

WOW! So much for having a "boring" month!

I have been thinking, I have been a T1 Diabetic for 14 years (officially). The doctors were concerned that I may have been diabetic for longer but just had a very slow "honeymoon period". I think about all the highs and lows. I think about all the pain, poking, and hospital visits. Then I think about all the love, friends, walks, and patience I have because of it. It makes me better able to relate and understand people. It helps me connect and reach out to other people. It makes me be brave, even when I feel like I can't.

I'M SO CONFUSED! How can something so bad, bring such beautiful blessings? I'm sure it's God's way of saying, "I love you so much". It's hard to have such a love/hate relationship with a disease that blesses my life so much, yet makes it so hard and takes so much away.

Happy Valentines Day, my diabetes. I really hate you, but love how you've changed my life in some ways. . . . .


  1. You and my David have the same birthday, he'll be two. Great post! I have been trying to take the focus off of the bad stuff that D has brought our way and looking at how it has impacted us in a good way and what good things Bekah will have in her life because of D.

  2. Me too...trying to choose the joy (per Wendy!).

    Have a great few days my friend.

  3. Really good point! It is key to take time to focus on the blessings. Tomorrow is the 2 yr anniversary of Ally's dx. I have been feeling sad, but really trying to find something good in it. Thank you for this timely post!

  4. You are so right! I feel that way exactly. I hate it and yet I am so thankful for it!

  5. This post is beautiful :) And so very, very true!