Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Apidra Users Lend Me Your Knowledge!

I've heard a lot of mixed review of this new "super drug" and was wondering how it's working for actual users. My doc usually just does what I ask, so I have to do all the research, I do have a few questions?

1- What's the cost?
2- What makes it better than Novolog or Humalog?
3- Did the Doc suggest it, or did you?
4- If its so great, why isn't there a bigger hype about it, like when Novolog/Humalog came out?
5- What is the peak time?

I am always trying to improve my diabetes care, but since I am pretty stable with an A1c of 5.9 I wonder if there is anything I else I can do to be better to my body!

Thanks for your help AWESOME DOC world!


  1. We're on Novolog....sorry I can't chime in on Apidra, but would love to hear your review if you do try it!

  2. I use Apidra. I think it works better for me, but it might not work better for everybody. But to answer your questions: 1) On my insurance plan, Apidra does have a higher co-pay than some other insulin brands. 2) I'm not 100% sure what makes it better, but in my body Apidra helps my blood sugar spike less when I eat than Humalog or Novalog did. 3) My doctor suggested it when we could not get my A1C out of the 7s no matter what we tried. 4)I don't know why there isn't hype. 5) I'm not sure what the peak time is, but for me I bolus 20 minutes before I eat and rarely go over 150 after a meal. I have my Active Insulin Duration set for 4 hours, and that seems right.

    For me, Apidra works so much better than anything else, but we all have different bodies. To be honest, since your A1C is 5.9, I wouldn't change a thing!!