Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A wonderful night with my honey!!!

I sure love my boyfriend, Tyler! He is so sweet to me, and so caring. We've been through a lot together, especially with me being sick this year, and having surgery. I don't know what I would do without him! Last night after work we drove down to Salt Lake (about a 2hr drive) to go see the Lights at the Zoo, and Temple Square. It was sooooo fun!!!
I talked him in to taking a picture with me, we are both camera avoiders,
but I think we look pretty darn cute!

We took Abigale Sheepie with us too! (Okay, I know its weird)
Here she is posing with a flock of sheepies at the Nativity.

I was a little disappointed that we didn't see more animals, but it was a lot of fun!

The tigers were awake and watching everyone.
I was a little nervous the fence was only like 5ft high!

This crazy critter just stood there by the glass checking everyone out! Funny!

They had tons of lights, and animated critters doing Christmas Stuff!

Afterwards, we were going to go on a cartridge ride, but there was a long line. We went to dinner instead. It was such a magical evening! I sure am lucky to have someone so wonderful in my life! It makes up for everything else thats a little less than wonderful!

Heidi, bless her heart. tuned me into a fantastic sale on this Salter. Mine will be in the mail soon! Thank you soooooo much Heidi! You Rock!!!!!

ONLY $20!!!!!!!!!!!!! NORMALLY $60!!!!!!!!!!!

This was a nice ending to a crazy, beautiful, painful, hard, but wonderful year!!!



    (He's a hottie, my can tell him I said that too!)

    Love Zoolights!!!!!

    Lovin' the scale :)

  2. Yay! Glad you are getting your scale! I loved the pics of the zoo lights, what a fun time! You guys make a pretty adorable couple!!

  3. He is really cute AND you are beautiful! I was going to type that the other day when commenting on your blog. I love your profile look so happy and friendly Rachael.

    Great lights, terrific memories, awesome boyfriend...and congrats on the scale.


  4. Glad you had fun, and thanks for the cute comments... It's always a great time of year..I'm glad you have Tyler around to help keep your head up!!

  5. ADORABLE! You guys are so stinkin' cute! Sounds like such a fun night!

    And . . . thanks for the link. I just bought that scale. :)