Saturday, December 18, 2010

Saturday Sleep In Yay!

Nothing feels better than sleeping in an extra hour. I slept on the couch at My sweet BF's house last night. I sure hope I didn't snore. He is such a sweetie. This morning I awoke to find him in the kitchen making me Breakfast. I can't believe how luck I am! Later in the month we are going to see the Zoo Lights! Seriously. What could be ore awesome than Christmas Lights and animals?

It's going to be a busy weekend. I have to finish the last of my cards and get them sent out! I don't want anyone getting their cards after Christmas! I have really enjoyed all the cards. Its so fun to come home and see them after a long day at work. I was so thrilled with Super Nate's ornament! The sting of reality did hit a little when a got a brief whiff of insulin, and looked it over... Poor kid. It's one of those moments that shocks you from your pretend normal world into, "Oh my Hell, we really do these things to stay alive?" I love it and I am proud to have it on my tree!

Speaking of weird moments. This weekend is my last couple days before I go back on the pump. I have learned so much, and have done some super stupid things! Last night, I ate a treat thinking I will take a quick shot after. Well, that sucks if you fall asleep, and then wake up a few hours later at 364! Duh! Rachael! You know better!

I have really struggled this year trying to get in the Christmas "spirit". Work has been difficult, and sometimes it is so hard to stay happy when lots of people around you have crappy attitudes. I figure it's not too late. Starting today, no matter what I will ENJOY this last week before the holiday! I sure hope everyone else is already enjoying it. Merry Christmas everyone!


  1. The reality of it makes me sad sometimes too but we are so lucky to have the pump to keep Nate and all of our T1 friends alive.

    I'm glad you got it and I hope it made you smile. :)

    The return of Pumpsley? Good thing - right??

    I'm finding my Christmas spirit a little lacking this year too. I hope we both find it this week.

    Merry Christmas!!


  2. Ah Rachael...It is hard when you work with a bunch of cranky pusses! I am sorry. Head up...chin up...ENJOY THE SEASON. You deserve it. Don't let them drag you down AND give Pumpsley a kiss from me.