Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Poison Drinks

Penny and Kerri recently made posts about getting the wrong orders on drinks. It's funny because I have dealt with the SAME problem 2 times this month. Once at a fast food chain with a Diet Coke, and once at a Tea Shop, with a cup of Peppermint Tea. BOTH times I asked for diet, or sugar substitute.
I am sure that the people that made the mistakes were either busy, or had a "Oh, What the Hell attitude". It makes me irate! Hello, we might as well be drinking poison! I realize that people with T1 Diabetes can have sugar, but liquid sugar hits you like a freight train and it's "derailing" effects last the whole day. What's worse is that if you don't realize it right away, you could be in for even worse problems.
It shocks me that in a nation, where all they do is complain about people "being obese" and "having diabetes" they would be a little more careful about what your getting. Personally, I went to the manager and told her the dangers of someone getting the wrong drink, especially if it's someone's child or you can't taste the difference. I was later told that someone was fired for giving full sugar drinks to "overweight" customers because they thought it was "funny to derail their diet". That's pretty scary.
So to echo our other DOC friends, be careful out there for toxic drinks!


  1. That happened to us just the other day. I was in bed sick (sick is an understatement)and my husband decided to treat the kids to fast food. He ordered a diet cola for Bekah and bolused her for the meal (chicken nuggets and fries) (somewhere around 50 carbs) 2 hrs later he got a 452 BG check. He tried calling the manager but he didn't speak English very well so he wrote a letter to corporate. Scary stuff!

    We are brainstorming some ideas to send to some places on ways to keep this from mistakenly happening. Like having the receipt printer bold the word diet so that the person filling the drinks is clear to see it.

  2. You mentioned you were hoping to get a Salter scale. I found the portable version this morning on clearance http://www.cutleryandmore.com/salter/nutri-weigh-go-portable-dietary-computing-scale-p112665

  3. Bummer Rachael! I haven't had this happen with Joe yet...thank goodness. I read Penny's post but haven't read Kerri's yet. I'll have to scope it out. Thanks for the heads up. xoxo