Monday, December 13, 2010


Lora at "My Diabetic Child" posted an amazing post. I would like to thank her for her openness and sharing her candid feelings. One thing that makes me so thankful for the DOC is that there is no judging. There is no need to pretend, no need to be anyone other than your self. It seems that now days there is so much pressure to be "perfect". It seems like you have to....
- be perfectly skinny and beautiful
- be the "stepford" kind of wife.
- be happy, and smiling and never take offense
- to have the biggest, cleanest house with dinner on the table every night for your perfect kids that never do anything wrong, and have straight A's and do 5 different extracurricular activities a night.
- to never let the sadness of the world affect you.

You know what I think? It's all crap! Its not normal. I'm glad people are honest enough to say, I haven't hung up my Christmas decorations, I am not in the Christmas mood, right now my life kinda sucks! Thats the real honesty of the world. In turn we are out here ready to offer a kind word, a cyber hug, advice, and a prayer! That's what humanity is all about. I can't count the times reading about someones trail has given me strength, courage, and the will to keep moving forward. It can be a nasty unfair world out there, but together we can do it, and help each other! Hang in there everybody! You are never forgotten! Thanks for your honesty! :)


  1. I agree Rach...I loved Lora's candidness. I think the "perfect facade" is B-O-R-I-N-G anyway. We are much more interesting and "real" with our struggles, flaws, and challenges.

    Great post AND ... How are you doing?

  2. Ditto what Reyna said - - - loved Lora's post and her honesty. You are so right - together WE CAN DO IT!!