Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happiness Is.........

Is when my Fluffy Chickens, Alice and Thumbelina Poopybum
(Yeah thats really her name)
get mo-hawks from being out in the rain or snow!

Lots of beautiful white snow....... (disclaimer: NOT so fun to drive in!)

My door plastered with super duper awesome Christmas cards!

Not So HAPPY. . . .
My Tummy! Yeah, Renya you practically "triple dogged dared" me to post this. Here it is in all it's "glory" and flaming hot pain so I can't even button my pants!

I guess I will stick to my "regular arm and chest spots" Yeah this freaks people out, but the absorption is always "right on". I've given up trying to hide it, and despite popular thought, I don't usually get tangled in tubing even though its on the outside of my clothes a lot, or despite using the longest tubing. For those of you wondering, I realize this is an "unorthodox" place to put an infusion site, but it works for me. I have read through out the DOC that some women even use their "ta-tas"! Not me, and nor do I recommend it, especially to D Mamas, I guess it's a big kid thing..... Or at least when your old enough to be responsible for the consequences of getting adventurous in testing out different areas!

Anywho, nice welcome back gift Pumpsley! Grrr

Oh, the Irony!
I am feeling a little more in the Christmas mood, It's about dang time!
Have a great day everyone!


  1. Oh Rachael your tummy site looks painful! AND...loling that you did it! YOU rock and I was even drinking coffee and I didn't spit it out...your tummy is beautiful...(((HUGS)))

    Love the Chicken mohawks and I am glad you are feeling more in the Holiday spirit.

  2. OMG - that looks painful? I'm fairly new to your blog - - - WHY DOES IT DO THAT TO YOUR TUMMY???


  3. OUCHHHHH!!! We just experienced this SAME thing with Kacey :( Her tummy looked just like that and I took pics but didn't post them. Reyna directed me here when she read my post over on Diabetes Sweeties. Do you know what causes a site to do this? Poor Kacey was in so much pain! We used ice packs and Motrin. I was so worried I was going to have to call the doctor but today it looks 100% better. Still red but not so inflamed. But its been 3 days now and its still red around the site. Shes been pumping for almost 2 years now and this is the first time she's gotten an infection. I'm new to your blog :) Nice to "meet" you...and your tummy...LOL!