Monday, December 27, 2010

Back to "Normal Life"

The presents are opened, the feast has been prepared, of course my pants are tight. Christmas is such a strange time of year. The buildup, and sadly the "let down". Now that I am getting older, and now officially in my "30's" (I turned 30 this year) I can't help but strongly dislike New Years. Most people get the "birthday blues", but I get the "New Year's blues". I think about all that has happened this year. The things I did, the things I didn't.

This year, I want a year, where I pull out the stops, and do everything I want. I reflect the reasons why, and feel sad some are out of my control. Matter of fact a lot of them. I've been reading several posts about people's not normal "Normal". It's funny because that never changes. This upcoming year, I am making a list of things I am doing and hanging it on the fridge.

I think one of the most important things I learned this year is, that its not about big things, but the small things that we find almost "inconvenient" because we get busy.

When you are a caregiver, or a person with a disease, a lot of your life becomes "controlled". Sometimes that control spills into other areas of your life. This upcoming year, I am going to try and break that control on other things, and enjoy the simplicity of things that get missed because I am busy.

I'm so lucky to have such an amazing family, great friends, and a wonderful boyfriend. I think about what my life would be like if it wasn't for them. Just a week before Christmas a horrid accident took the lives of two young boys, in our town. I can't get that thought out of my mind. Although I am not a parent, I can't imagine the horror of waking up on Christmas with your sons gone. Seeing their presents unopened, and trying to hold your family together for your two other young children. I think about parents that are working so hard to help their families be happy and healthy. I think about that love, and thats what Christmas is all about. That's what family is all about. That is what makes a world that can be so scary, uncertain, and sad, a wonderful place to be. I appreciate all the honest moms, dads, and D friends that share their joys and triumphs with everyone. What a wonderful example you are to me, and what an honor it is to call you, my friends.

As we transcend into a new year, I wish you blessings of hope! Hope that one day there is a cure! I wish you blessings of peace. Peace, especially in the hours of uncertainty and sadness. BUT most of all I wish you blessings of LOVE, the same love I feel in my heart right now.

Happy New Years my FRIENDS! Hopefully this can turn into a week of wonderful things to come! A fresh slate to be filled with nothing but happy things!



  1. Happy New Year Rachel! I hope 2011 is an amazing year for you!

  2. This was beautiful, my friend.

    It's a harsh reality that no one is guaranteed another can change in the blink of an eye -- and it's completely out of our control.

    Thanks for the reminder to cherish as many little moments as I can.

    They will be gone all too soon.