Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Adventures in the land of "Sugar Free" Chocolate...

My eyes lit up to see your yummy, beautiful swirly goodness! Rows of beautiful brown, filled with yummy fruity, tantalizing delight! Although I gaze like a child wishing for an Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action Two-Hundred-Shot Range Model Air Rifle, I know I shouldn't be looking because you really doesn't fit into my "diet" (Ha) plan.
I figure one chocolate wont hurt right (Okay, maybe two)? Besides the lady at the counter has guaranteed me that that are made with all "fake" sugar goodness! So, I leave with a bag, containing my delightful treasures..... ahhhh... a beautiful milk chocolate mint truffle. Beside it, a tart lemon "gummy" drizzled with chocolate. I carefully sit them in the passenger seat as I drive home. At the stop light I glance over. It is almost calling to me as my mouth water's like one of those psychological test dogs...... The light turns green and I am proud that I haven't just ripped open the bag and crammed them in my mouth. I want to enjoy each second of their flavor.
Proudly taking them up to my apartment, I sit on the couch. REALLY "What in the HELL is wrong with me!? They are freaking chocolates!!! No less, I've tried to be good about what I eat, and I have't had homemade chocolates since at least a couple years back. Despite the fact that the shop where they are made is a short walking distance from my house....
The time comes and they are everything I dreamed them to be. Their soft, mellow milk chocolate, the tart of the lemon, the cool of the mint. For five minuets, I am in heaven. I quickly come out of my chocolate euphoric trance, and look up the carb count, test, and take a shot. Was it worth the shot? Oh YEAH!
I lay in bed that night, a bit of a headache, but thinking it was the fact that my whole body was sore because I had just completed a 71 hour work week.... At 3:00am I awake to the blaring of my alarm. I feel so awful. For some reason all I can think of for a moment is Reyna's son's "I feel low" in it's up and down octaves..... I am in slow motion...... I test. I feel low, but not "really". The machine beeps... 498!? Seriously!? I test again.....501! I get up, or rather crawl to the fridge. I take a shot, and crawl back to bed. In the morning I wake still in the mid 200's.
Were the chocolates truly "sugar free"? Did she give me the wrong ones? Sadly, I realized that you really do have to be careful...... So, NEVER again. I am glad that Crystal Light has a nice hard candy that really doesn't effect my blood sugar..... Fare Thee Well Dear Chocolates!

Dear Pumpsley,

We will be united soon, Oh how I have missed you!

You're Fondest Admirer,


  1. Bummer on the HIGH Rach...Was there a carb count on the chocolates at all? I am glad you enjoyed the treat though. I had a Lindt Truffle tonight. Love them...and only 5 grams a pop...a great desert for Joe and Bridg. They think I am the Best Mom In The World when I am doling out those bad boys.

    Love ya...I am excited for you to be reunited with the pump!

  2. Oh, that stinks! Dang chocolates! At least you enjoyed them going down, but ugh... I'm sorry. :(