Monday, November 15, 2010

Yeah, I blew it!

I have been trying so hard to do this post everyday for a month thing, and I think by trying it I jinxed myself! My computer is dead, and blogging from my phone is a nightmare! Hopefully tomorrow will bring better news!!!!


  1. :(... you are doing great. Dont' be too hard on yourself. It is difficult blogging daily. I did it in September and I thought I was going to die...OK...maybe that was a little "dramatic" but you know me. BIG SMILES.

  2. Computer woes are SO frustrating! My computer crashes every time I leave comment on a Blogger blog. It's making me crazy. So I have to use another computer to read blogs and leave comments, which is not easy.

    I feel for you and hope your issues are resolved quickly!

  3. Boo on dead computers!!! I hope you get it fixed soon!