Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Walking in D Mama shoes!

YAY to D Mamas!!!

Nicole from "We CARA Lot" wrote a touching post about the difficulties of trying to understand what it feels like to be "Diabetic". She, as well as Reyna and some other D moms have been concerned about "Getting it".

I want to say to ALL the D Parents out there. You DO "GET IT"! more than you'll ever know!

My dad (who I call Poppy) has been Diabetic for so long. He has had so many problems and complications. It's sad because he doesn't want to worry about it all the time. He doesn't want to carb count, take more than 2-3 shots a day, or test his BS more the 2x a day. For him it's a quality of life issue. He doesn't want his life to "revolve around" diabetes. He takes regular insulin, and 70/30, an almost extinct practice. He has tried other insulins without success. He just wants to live. He has a hard time when he gets low, and can tell it when he is around 100.I am sure his A1c is at a dangerous level, I am betting at least 9-10%. He's just tired. Who can blame him?

I have complications although I have worked so hard to achieve a great A1c (5.8). I carb count, and although I now have a pump, and Dexcom; I used to test 8-10 times a day, and take 8 shots a day. Diabetes is a huge part of my life. I feel frustrated that I still have problems. I have always thought that if my A1c was "perfect", I would be too. I was wrong. I don't know I am low unless its REALLY low. I get tired of it too.

The moral of the story: Although we have the same metabolic disorder, we experience it completely different. I can respect my dad's opinion but I don't understand why he feels the way he does all the time. It's not just physical but emotional too. It's not just food, but emotions. Although there are similarities in feelings, reactions, and treatments, we will never know exactly how someone else feels.

The only we can do is listen, and educate ourselves and each other.

Let's SWITCH SIDES.......

I can't imagine what a mother would feel like!

YOU may not be getting the shots, but you have to hold down your "baby" and give them.
YOU may not have to be "high" or "low" but you suffer watching someone you love suffer.
YOU may not have to be IN the hospital, but you have to take your "baby" there, and to countless appointments, always on edge, wondering what they will say.

YOU have the sleepless nights wondering...... what if?
YOU have the responsibility of keeping your child ALIVE!
YOU have to be smarter than doctors, without a medical degree.
YOU have to spend the money, time, and commitment for everything that should just come naturally.
YOU juggle trying to raise other children and make them feel important too.
YOU raise your child letting him/her know they can do anything.

That's pretty intense. WE don't and can't know any different, because this is what WE ARE. YOU did and have know differently. YOU have to play from the sidelines.

YOU are the cheerleaders, artificial body part, STRENGTH, and SUPPORT!

YOU are the ones educating, and changing the way people see us!

YOU ARE AMAZING! Don't be so hard on yourselves! YOU DO GET IT, and because of YOU, your children, and diabetics all over the world are living better lives.

You are nothing less than Super Heros!

Thank-you for your support, kindness, and willingness to GIVE!


Weigh In Wednesday Countdown
Last Week 81.7
This Week 79.8

I am not too happy with myself, I cheated pretty bad! Dang Halloween and those peanut better chocolate pumpkins!


  1. Thank you Rachael what an uplifting post for me to read. I appreciate it. I think with PWDs coming together with parents with CWDs we are all making a difference for the future of "d" and how it is viewed and hopefully advocating more effectively as a unit.

    BTW, awesome weigh-in. Don't be so hard on yourself...I too over-indulged on some Butterfingers...YUMMY!!!

  2. Amazing post and thank you. The end just made me cry!! and ditto to what Reyna said eat eat away it's just the way it is around Halloween:)

    and BTW HUGS to you poppy :)

  3. Thank you Rachel. I should be making dinner but instead I got caught up in your post and am feeling a bit teary eyed. I love hearing an adult PWD perspective..

  4. OMGsh! Crying! Thank you, Rachel. After a night of no sleep, chasing countless lows, freaking out a little- I needed that. I want so badly to get it. But more than anything- I just wish it was me. Thanks for the pick me up!

  5. Rachael, YOU MADE ME CRY! I agree with Reyna, I think that together we (PWDs & parents of CWDs) can continue to make life better for those living with d. And thank you for pointing out the emotions side of it. I do get caught up in how I feel about it, "how will it make ME feel if she thinks I dont get it"...and really, I need to take some time to connect and LISTEN (as you pointed out) to her. I KNOW that she has some 7 year old emotions going on in there and D probably has shaped many of them.

  6. Thank you for the kind comments! You really are super heros! You give me the inspiration and courage to make it through really hard days. I am so blessed to find such an amazing people!

    (((HUGS))) to you all!

  7. wow! What an amazing post and just what i needed to read today after battling resistant highs. Thank u!!

  8. This is exactly what I needed today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart, my friend. It's such an honor to have found these amazing people to share the journey. Thank you, Rachael.

  9. This is the kindest post. Know that you've touched the heart of this D mama, and from the comments above, it appears you've touched the hearts of many others. Thank you! And ((HUGS)) back to you!