Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Follow up to comments in the "Blizzard" post

News report the day the bodies were found. What the area looked like.


This video was shot by a crazy neighbor, crazy to be there at the time. There are some chilling comments, "There's a house down there." The house is gone!" "Do you smell natural gas?" and several more about the hill still giving way.

The house was hit so hard that it was knocked 20 feet off the foundation, and severed the natural gas line. With all the problems that day, it was surprising that not more people lost their lives.

ksl.com - Water flowing again in area where canal break destroyed home

This is some video and pictures of the area where the landslide was last year. Our home was the red brick one. Since this interview, there have been several new slides in the area. Our home was condemned and they are still trying to find a way to support the hillside before it slides again.

In the picture gallery to the right on the web page, I took a lot of those pictures in our back yard. The retaining wall has been completely pushed out and knocked down on the end by the shifting ground.


  1. Yikes!!!!! That's crazy and scary and sad!!!

  2. OMGsh :( SO so so sad....my brother was inside a home when it was hit by a tornado. Fortunately, by the grace of God, everyone was alive -- he was pretty beaten up, but the children and everyone else only had a few scratches.

    When these crazy things happen, it's shocking. SHOCKING at how devastating Mother Nature's wrath can be.