Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Holy Cow!

This post contains swear words!

Tylenol, I HATE YOU!

So, I never take Tylenol. Pain reliever my big patoot! Yeah, it's trusted by hospitals because it doesn't do anything! Last night I had a fever and just wasn't feeling well. I took a couple not thinking much about it. I had just finished with the DAY FROM HELL! On Mondays I work both of my jobs which makes for a 17 hour day with NO break in between. Not the best schedule for a diabetic.

Rewind to earlier that evening....

During the day I work as a Recreation Therapist. I LOVE my job, but even the best job has days that feel like someone took a cheese grater to your brain! On the weekends, and Mondays I work at the Fedex Office, affectionately still known to us as the "Kinkos". (You have to pay for insurance somehow, plus I can ship for super cheap) I live in a University Town. So low and behold, after telling myself I was going to have an awesome day at work, my face was slammed into a giant pie of BULLS*^T (Fitting, especially because the school mascot is a bull)! These stinkin' bratty kids from the University all come piling in. Of course they have waited until the last damn minuet to finish major projects due for their graphic design class. IT'S FREAKING 9:00pm!!! They are in the store fighting with each other, fighting with me. Yapping on the phone, nothing but a non-stop bitch fest! It was like one of those carnivore lion animal planet documentaries! One lioness is tearing the jugular out of a warthog (aka: a classmate), while another pride is taken down a customer using the color copy machine. Pandemonium! If that's not enough, our main machine is down, and we are trying to run major jobs due in the morning on slow machines in the self serve. OMG, if I hear, "Oh My Goooooooddddd" in a bitchy high pitch tone, I am going to jump over the counter and take one of these anorexic bitties in pajamas down! For crying out loud! If that's not enough. The phone keeps ringing off the hook, mostly people asking when we close. HELLO! It's part of the message before you pressed "0" to interrupt me with your stupidity! Plus, if you are calling to ask when we close, you better not be running to the door at 10:59pm wanting a 30 min job printed, with your files not set up correctly, complaining that it costs to much and wanting more than the regular student discount before we close in 1 minuet! (Which by the way did happen, as we were shooing people out of the store!)

SO................ BACK TO THE TYLENOL!

I settle in bed, headache from hell. Stomach all gurglely with acid, as I suck on a mouthful of Tums drifting off into a slumber. It's 2:00am. I have only been asleep for about 30 mins.
Oh, Dexter (SHUT UP!) I get up and check. It says I am 295. My head is pounding so I ASSume it's right, and dose to correct. Yeah, like a dumb S*&T not checking to see if its correct. (BIG MISTAKE). I drift back off, and 30 mins later I wake up in a fog, covered in sweat. Dexter crying his eyes out! 432! WTF?!! I feel like I am in SSSLLLOOOWWWMMMOOO! I check. Oh my Hell, I am 45, NOT 432! So I ride the BS roller coaster from HELL for the rest of the night, manually checking BS because Dexter has gone haywire!


Do you think maybe the friendly neighborhood pump trainer, or Dexcom consultant could have maybe, I don't know... TOLD ME! Yeah, it's things like this that we need to know. I guess most people's doctors would tell them. but my Hell, my doctor has his staff call me to ask "about that thing that checks your blood sugar all the time." Hmmmmm........ Let's see, it's called a Dexcom, you know a CGMS!!! AND.. you wrote the prescription for it!!

Oh, the lessons of D we have to learn the hard way.

The moral of the story.....
* Procrastinating university students need a kick in the A%$!
* Education is KEY when your life is on the line!
*D Blogging is sometimes the only thing that keeps me sane! (sort of)

Day 2....... How many days are in November? ;)


  1. Well this is why I love to read PWD blogs because I LEARN so much. As hard as us D mamas try we will never really now what are children and you are feeling like and that really sucks. Our kids look at us like we are the ones that don't "get it" like us D mamas look at people who don't have children with t1 (it's not negative just the truth) btw I think that you just answered my prayers NOW I KNOW WHAT DAY 3 POST IS. Thank you very much and so sorry you needed to learn a lesson the hard way:(

  2. Oh MY! They didn't tell you about the Tylenol? - BASTARDS!!!

    Those college kids need to get a grip. They most likely think the world revolves around them...UGH. And I like the descriptions of the anorexic girls saying "OOOOHhhh MYYYY GodD"...

    I wish I could have been manning that store with you Rachael, we would have had us some real fun!

  3. Good Hell, Woman! That is one shitty day! I'm totally cracking up about the anorexic bitties in pajamas! I knew you werent to use Tylenol... I just didnt know why. So thanks for that heads uP!
    Here's hoping tomorrow is a better day!