Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thankful Thursday!

Things I am so thankful for today.....

For being able to walk. My neuropathy sometimes makes it painful, but knowing that I can is such a blessing! There are so many people struggling to get around, and our ability to walk is something we all take for granted sometimes.

APPLES! They are so YUMMY and good for you! There are so fun to pick in the orchards. Golden Delicious are the yummiest!

Sunshine! It has been such a beautiful day filled with warm sun, and a light cool breeeze.

Pumpkins! Growing pumpkins is so much fun! They take on a life all their own. They are like people. All different sizes, colors, and personalities! We just set up our scene for the North Logan Pumpkin Walk, and it looks pretty awesome!

A beautiful time of the year filled with brilliant colors, crisp and sweet treats, and fun with family and friends! Hope everyone is having a wonderful fall season! (((HUGS))) to everyone, as the continue to triumph, corral, and battle the obstacles they are facing in their lives.... especially Type 1 Diabetes!

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