Friday, October 15, 2010

Random Friday

Random Rantings..........

Have you ever seen the Muppets? Particularly the episode with the "manamana" muppet? It cracks me up. My BF loves the muppets, and this has become our new "whatever" word. Manamana. . . . . .


My boyfriend knows I LOVE sheep, so he is always buying me sheep. I've got a whole flock. These sheepies were looking after Dexter.... LoL


Is this little sheep just not the cutest thing ever? I don't know why but sheep just have a special place in my heart! I see them and I just want to run up and hug it!


My Lucy goose. She is so funny! She's kinda bratty, and she loves to boss around the chickens, and loves treats!

I remember when she was a baby. We hatched her from an egg, and she was pretty bad off so we had to baby her back to health. It's amazing what a dropper and Poweraide can do.



I've officially started my new "diet". I guess I am not supposed to call it a diet, I guess it's a new way of eating. I am on a 1200 calorie diet for 2 weeks and then it's supposed to go down to 1000 calories. I am doing "okay" on the 1st 2 days. I have a problem telling if I have lost or not because my weight fluctuates up to -/+ 10lbs a day because of the edema. Even though I am supposed to weigh everyday, I am going to try to only look at the difference in a weekly weight. On Wednesdays. I will call it..... brace yourself...... Weigh in Wednesday. Creative I know...... I figure if I post it on my blog, then I will have to be more responsible about it. So I am hoping to loose 90 lbs, so let the count down begin! :)

Have a Wonderful Weekend!!!


  1. Love the "Weigh In Wednesdays"! That is a clever title. Have you read Cindy's Eaten Alive Blog...or Heidi Timms over at A Work In Progress? They are both working at losing weight too. Heidi even started a blog dedicated just to her weight loss journey. Cindy blogs about her walks etc a few times a week. I know Wendy from Candy Hearts is working at it too...and Heidi from D-Tales is walking a ton...I am so inspired by all of you. I have no choice in this life but to succeed. I am surrounded IRL and in the DOC by go-getters. (((HUGS))) Have a great w/e.

  2. I'm on the weight loss walk with you, my friend. And I'm praying for you every step of the way...those bloggers Reyna mentioned are on my blogroll....I totally need the support!!!!