Wednesday, October 20, 2010

No words

I have been reading through the posts today, and noticed everyone talking about the young girl that passed away in the night. I have never heard of this before. As I followed the links to the medical sites, I broke down in tears when I read this one sentence.......
as many as 6% of deaths in people with T1DM who die before the age of 40 are due to the dead in bed syndrome.

I'm at a loss of words......

When I further read about what they think causes it, I must confess I am scared to go to bed. I have recently been diagnosed with heart problems, I have severe lows at night, and I have neuropathy. DESPITE a perfect A1c and pretty good control.

I can't help but want to cry. It seems like no matter what, no matter how hard you try, no matter how much money you put into technology, IT NEVER IS ENOUGH. I try to keep a good attitude, but things like this just knock you down so hard, it hurts!

What could someone say? I can't imagine the horror, of a parent no less finding a young loved one in a state of eternal sleep.

WHEN will this heartache ever end, it's just NOT FAIR, and I AM TIRED! I can't imagine what all the D mamas are feeling after reading this.......

My thoughts and prayers go to everyone battling this disease and its tentacles that reach into the hearts of everyone. There's nothing to say, no words could ever console something so intense. So hard. SO CRUEL.

My weigh In results: Down 5.2 lbs


  1. I wish we could all be together IRL...for a big hug and to just sit with one another.

    Awesome weigh in sweetie!

  2. Thanks Reyna! Even if we can't be together IRL being blogging buddies makes things so much easier! Thanks for all your support. I am sorry as a mother, you have to worry about things like this.... (((Hugs)))

  3. I've had to get on the computer in short increments over the past 2 days. There's just so much sadness....I need it in small heart just aches.

    So thankful for blogging pals like you.