Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Never a day without. . . .

Beautiful Bear Lake

Gorgeous views in the Canyon

My, oh so cute super duper wonderful honey! Who would probably kick my bum for posting this ultra cheesy picture of us. Plus, I look super ghetto!

Bear Lake Sunset


Sunday, my boyfriend (he's so cute), a friend, and I went up the canyon. It was such a beautiful day, we looked for leaves, and took pictures, went for a picnic and went to Bear Lake. I have been reading in a lot of blogs about how much diabetes is just part of life, and how others are fighting it all the time. It seems like these are the things that are constant, no matter the age of diabetes. My day consisted of both. . . .

The day "started" at 4:30am when Dexter was freaking out. I reached for him in my haze. 52 was the number of the hour. I am usually so good I can test with the lights off, without ever getting out of bed, but low and behold, I was like a mummy wrapped all which way by oxygen tubing, pump tubing, and my sheet (how in the H*ll do sheets do that?! Grrr). So I got up, and I was 47, blood on the covers, drooling icky Dex orange flavored glucose tabs. Crawled back to bed, not giving a rat's pa-toot about the sheets.

Got up around 8:00, ahhhhhh the glories of sleeping in! Covered up my sites and hopped in the shower, realized it was site change day AFTER, I stepped out of the shower, and feeling like I was showing a true badge of defiance jumped back in to shower "free".

Found an outfit that work for all my D "Friends" (I made a ton of cute "pump clothes" but realized that they were all defiantly Summer looking clothes. Taking another stab at the man (D man that is) I decided on a lovely purple outfit.

We all met up and went to the canyon. Playing and collecting and hiking through all the beauties of the day and season. Then. . . .the dreaded beeping started! Dexter was pissed and my BS was double down arrows. Usually 2x something is good, but not for Dexter. So I drank a juice box and kept playing. this trend kept on all day. I finally put Pumpsley on a 12 hour -90% basal for the day.

We stopped at the store, and I noticed a lady with a little girl looking at me, well strike that, I could feel there eyes piercing my arm and tubing, almost reading their thoughts, then came the inevitable...... "MOM!!! "MOOOOOOMMMMM!! What's wrong with THAT woman!" I glanced over, knowing that she knew I heard. "MOMMMMMM, MOMMMMMM" she continued. The lady got mad and said "SHE'S SICK OKAY!" The little girl then glared at me, and did a classic kid "Eeewwwwwww". Wow mom now I know why your kid is a MEGA BRAT! To add to the drama of the moment, now that there were several people looking, I walked over and stood kinda close, checking out the items on the shelf next to them. A little ironic that it was pastries, and damn that bear claw with cream cheese and raspberry looked mighty tempting. The little girl ran behind her mom, and while the mom wasn't looking I stared her down, until she ran off. The mom gave me a dirty look, and as sweet as that claw, I smiled and said, "Have a wonderful day". Yeah I was a B*$^h, but it was kinda funny. I have never done that and it felt liberating.

We had a fun day, and what's funny is that I can see the 2 sides of people's frustrations almost perfectly. You fight it all the time, and yet its part of you. What a strange thing. A D friend made the comment a couple of weeks back regarding "inviable illness" that really made me think. She said that she almost wished that T1 D was visible, not because she wanted sympathy but when you see someone with a bald head in the store, with out knowing that person, you feel compassion for them, and figure they are fighters of a complicated, and life altering disease. When you tell people you have diabetes they assume you did it to yourself, because people only think of the diabetes that they hear of on TV. They always show overweight adults exercising and say you can reverse it. Blah....

What a powerful thought though. WE ARE FIGHTERS!!! I just wish there was better education on what T1 D REALLY means!!

I LOVED Reyna's book she made for her son's class about her son's D. I wish it was required for every human on earth.

Happy Wednesday!


  1. Gorgeous scenery!!!

    I'm sorry you had to endure that kid and her mom. I think the mom's comment is worse. Kids are kids. They're still learning. They don't always know right from wrong or how or when to politely express their curiousity. But the mom, she should have known better! I love how you handled them. :)

    I suspect your friend is right. If T1D were more visible and better understood, there would be more empathy.

  2. I didn't see this post until this am...luckily it was on my dashboard. OMG...that girl was a BRAT!!! and actually, it is her mom that has nurtured this unfortunate trait..."she's just SICK!" (((HUGS))) to you. That must have stung a bit. I hate moments that make us pull out of our moment "fighting" D...those moments that make us take pause and really think about what we must look like to the "outside" world. I had one of those moments with Joe this summer...while checking his blood sugar at a soccer game, a mother was observing and she then shook her head and stated loud enough to her companion "OH, that is SO SAD". UGH.

    I like the way you handled the situation though. I totally would have done the same thing. AND I love the pastries you are speaking of. DELISH.

    Your boyfriend is cute! AND the pix are gorgeous.

    Thanks for the shout out on the book. I presented it to Joe's class yesterday...I choked up on the last sentence...4 years and I still can be reduced to tears. What gives? xoxo

  3. That cute boyfriend of mine has been through a lot, and he is so sweet. When I had my hysterectomy I had a lot of complications, and he was always there with me. I looked like crap, and slept through so much of it. I would wake up and there he was. What a trooper! The nurses loved him! He would come in at 11:30 when he got off work at night, all dressed up in his shirt and tie. (mmmmm)

    I remember the first time I had a low with him, it happened so fast I about scared the poor kid to death! We now keep frosting in the fridge at both of our houses. If I get really low, he just calmly brings me a spoonful of frosting.

    Hey, that could be a song!

    "A spoonful of frosting helps the blood sugar come up, in the most tasty way!

    Take that Mary Poppins!
    Im such a nerd.