Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Naked!!!!! Meme That IS!

I thought I should jump on Reyna's Naked Bandwagon. . . . .
(Don't take that the wrong way )

1. What kind on insulin management mode do you use?
I have a wonderful PINK Animas Ping Pump, affectionately known as "Pumpsley". I have a back-up. It's a Deltec Cozmo Green Pump. (I LOVED this pump!) I have a Dexcom named "Dexter"!

2. How often do you inject/change pump sites?
I use 90 degree steel infusion sets, called rapid D. I have NEVER been able to use the regular soft cannulas without something getting kinked or damaged, or not working right. I HAVE to change every 2 days or I have redness and poor absorption. I can NEVER use my stomach because the rate at which my body absorbs the insulin is very inconsistent!!! My legs have had it from so many years of shots, that I usually use arms to sites. This may freak you out but I also use the top part of my chest. I know this freaks out my mom! One of my good friends who works as a surgical nurse suggested it. I was pretty scared when I first tried it, but the absorption rate is perfect. I never worry about my site either, because I can see it, so it's not going to get rammed into by a door frame or counter. It is usually visable, so I do get those "ewwww, something's wrong with that girl!" stares". That kinda sucks. I have read on the internet that some people (boys and girls) use their breasts. (Graphic thought, SORRY) I still haven't been brave enough to try that. There are A LOT of medical professionals that say YOU HAVE to stay within the areas "proven". I say if you try and it works, then go for it. The only downfall is when using steel sets you sometimes get an ouchie poke.

3. What type (s) of insulin do you use?
I use Novolog. When I am on "pump vacation" or having a problem I use Novolog and Levemir.

4. What are your basal settings ?
12am: 1.5 units/h
03am: 0.75 units/h
06am: 2.25 units/h
10am: 1.75 units/h
12:30pm: 1.80 units/h
2:30pm: 1.50 units/h
6:30pm: 2.50 units/h
9:30pm: 1.25 units/h

Let's just say without the beautiful function of Temp. Basal, I would be in trouble!!!!

5. What are your correction factors ?
Morning before 10 1:20
Morning after 10 1:25
Afternoon 1:35
Evening before 6 1:25
Evening after 6 1:35

6. What are your meal ratios ?
Morning before 10 1:8
Morning after 10 1:10
Afternoon 1:15
Evening before 6 1:12
Evening after 6 1:10

7. What do you do for activity and/or PE?
Because there has NEVER been a predictable pattern in the way physical activity affects my BS, I make sure to keep close tabs on Dexter's trend, and use temp basals to be safe.

8. How do you manage Pizza, Macaroni and Cheese, or any other "difficult to manage" foods?

The same way I manage exercise, although I am on a diet, so I am really not eating foods that require crazy combos, o
r unpredictable temp basals!

9. How do you prefer to manage your logs/data?
The Dexcom software is Super Awesome. I love playing with it when I connect up. Otherwise I mark things on my meal plans for my diet and exercise.

10. The BIGGEST thing, I learned from being a diabetic, that NOBODY INCLUDING MY DOCTOR told me?

EVERY emotion affects your BS numbers. Yes, I said "EVERY". Food can sometimes be easy to predict and correct. Emotions are a whole different story.

When I am SAD, DEPRESSED, or one of my Grandfriends dies.... The numbers go UP!
When I am EXCITED, or SUPER HAPPY.... The numbers go DOWN!
When I am STRESSED, or ANGRY.... The numbers go ALL OVER, UP or DOWN!
When I am SICK .... The numbers go ALL OVER, UP or DOWN!

It hard enough to worry about correcting and balancing food, but it is kinda defeating when you are SO EXCITED to go to Disneyland, or Phantom of the Opera in Vegas and have to worry because the anticipation and excitement is killing you! (Really)
Oh, I was so busy I forgot to post Thankful Thursday!

Things I am so thankful for!

Hot Peppermint Tea with Splenda on a chilly day!

Our cute "farm" and the beautiful changes it's going through now that it's fall!
Oh, and not having to mow the grass!!!

Hickety, Pickety, Miss Cheep, Thumbelina, and Alice Fuzzybum! Our cute and always funny chickens! They are a hoot! They each have their own personality and it's funny to watch them! They lay beautiful eggs too! Of course we don't eat them! Although, hypocritically speaking, I can't imagine eating one that's your pet!

And as ALWAYS the super D Blogging friends, my family, friends, and my super cute boyfriend Ty!

Have a GREAT Weekend Everybody!

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  1. Love it. First off, I was contacted by a follower asking me about Levemir vs Lantus. We were only on injections for 3 months before pumping and we used Levemir. Do you have a preference for Levemir? If so why?

    Also...I wonder if Joe is similar to you or if his tissue has something against a plastic cannula...36 hours and FAIL! We have to change our sites every 36 hours and the days when the site change falls prior to going to school can SUCK IT. We did use the Contact Detach sites from Animas (the steel tipped ones), but they hurt Joe a we switched back. I was tired of making him cry. It was pretty bad.

    I cannot even imagine with the emotions and excitement and illness...I still have yet to pin-point how it all affects Joe's numbers. I try to find patterns, but it is difficult.

    Thanks for "exposing" yourself...oh, I, too believe do what works. I am a total cowgirl for sure.

  2. So glad that you "exposed yourself" Rachael! I love hearing your perspective:)