Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let it Snow!

It's the most wonderful time of the year. . . . .
Today was our first snow storm of the season! I am sure that it will warm up before the end of the week, or at least I hope. It seems like in Utah the snow comes just in time to ruin Halloween, and then it warms up a little. Things are already seeming to be a little crazy. I LOVE the holidays, but when you are a Recreation Therapist, you get to be on holiday overload. I am planning now to maybe help relieve the extra stress. It seems to go so fast that you have a hard time enjoying it. Holidays are also so tricky. It becomes a balancing act of trying to get everything done, stress, bills, DIETING, and trying to figure out boluses and basal rates for complicated foods. I guess the only advice I could offer would be: Try to enjoy the "little" things that make the holidays special! My doctor always says the "holidays don't count as much". My CDE/RD says that you have to cheat and allow yourself forgiveness. Hopefully I don't go crazy. . . .LOL! I figure that diets are always around and you will always have some holiday to deal with. I have already started looking at good recipes that will help me stick with it. I hope everyone has a great time enjoying all the wonderful activities that are part of this non-stop holiday adventure until the end of the year.

Tonight I got to watch my sisters baby. She is here visiting from CT. I feel kinda bad because he's a mommas boy. I don't think he likes me that much! ;) Being 5 month's old he's a little bias. He better like me in the future! I am his Godmother, and besides, I ALWAYS send the best gifts! :)

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. I bet you are an awesome Auntie and Godmother! What a lucky little dude!

    It must be hard managing all that you do during the holidays. Planning fun things for the residents to do, the stress, and the foods. Stay the course on your diet...allow yourself a few treats, just in moderation. How is the diet going? Are you finding the calorie restriction hard? I am thinking of doing some sort of a post soon on all my buds in my computer who are exercising and dieting...still trying to come up with how I want to write about it.