Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ewe are awesome

I was talking to one of the Granfriends today and her 10 year old granddaughter came in. We were right in the middle of talking about how cute we thought baby sheepies were. Her granddaughter was so sweet and she kept looking at my wrist with an excited curiosity. Finally she said, "Whats your pretty bracelet say?" I said "Its to let people know I am a Type 1 Diabetic if I ever need help." Before I could finish my sentence her face lit up and she flew across the room practically in my lap, so excited to tell me that she too was a T1D. She was talking a hundred miles an hour telling me about maybe getting a pump, and shots. I just looked at her and said, "You are awesome!" She stopped for a moment and said, " So are you!", and gave me a high 5! I showed her Pumpsley and Dexter, and she told me all about going to D camp, and how all the kids have one, and her experiences in the hospital.

Got me thinking.... Maybe I need to be a little more excited about it! :) That made my whole week!


  1. AWWWW...Rachael, you are such a great role model for young type 1s. You genuinely care and you take great care of us Mamas!!! I have appreciated all of your support and comments with what we have been dealing with in Joe and his nasty lows lately. Thank you and know that your comments provide much comfort and support.

    I am so glad this gal got to meet you and you her. I think it did you both some good. Love Ya girl.

  2. Ya know what?

    YOU totally made her day too :)

    And mine!

  3. Oh, yeah, YOU definitely made her day, if not her week or her month, too!!! :)

  4. Thanks girls, I think EWE are all pretty awesome too!! :)

  5. Hi Rachael! I just found your blog via Hallie's Blogger Basal. This is such a cute story - and so inspiring :) Thank you for sharing! Kerry xxx