Sunday, October 10, 2010

Blah. . . . .
I have been feeling under the weather, and the weather has been yucky! What gives?

It was my 3 month appointment. I got good news and bad. Good news? My A1c was 5.8! Yay! That makes me happy, especially since I had a couple of really crappy BS days! Bad news. . . . kidneys are not doing well at all. I have appointment with a kidney specialist next month. Although we live in a valley of 100,000 we have no specialists for kidneys, kids, or diabetes. Around here we all go to Internal Medicine docs. No offence to my doc, but I was a little shocked when I excitingly told him about Dexter, ans he had no idea what a Dexcom was, or how it functioned. I told him I need help with fine tuning basal rates, he had no idea what I was talking about. He is sending me to a CDE next week. I am nervous because I am supposed to talk to him about going on a diet that works with all dietary restrictions. I have been told he is really hot, and he is a personal trainer. Not excited. If life wasn't complicated enough, now I get to park my fat a** in a room with a hottie talking about weight....nice.

My supposed "idiopathic edema" is getting worse by the day. Up 10lbs one day, and down 9lbs the next. It's so tiring, and I hate it! I have been so good about following salt and liquid restrictions! I am ready to say screw it, at least the liquid part, I feel like I am crawling through a hot dessert all day. I am so thirsty! Seriously, 6 cups a fluid a day? I can drink that much after 1 hour at the gym!

It's gotta better sometime! On the bright side it's fall and I sure love Halloween. My boyfriend helps keep me sane, he is so amazing!

Happy Sunday!


  1. Congrats on the A1C! That's awesome!

    I'm sorry to hear about your kidneys. If there's no specialist in town, can you consult with one long distance? Perhaps look for one out of town, call and see if the doc would be willing to work with you?

    Don't worry about the CDE and how you look! You have a cute boyfriend, who sounds GREAT and who obviously adores you. You don't need the hottie! :)

  2. WOOT on the A1c.

    BUMMER on the hottie! I too would not like that action...but like Heidi said, no worries, you have your own hottie at home in your BF.

    I am worried about you and your kidneys. Please keep us up-to-date. The edema issue sounds like a pain in the ass, in addition to making you feel yucky.

    I am gonna end with a belly bump on that A1C - that is some hard work!!! Keep it up.