Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Always Learning

Back to (Diabetes) School. . . . .

Today I met with a CDE/RD, I was nervous because all the nurses told me he was hot. Yeah, hot like when you have a super crush on a guy in high school...... Oh wait, maybe it was BECAUSE I WENT TO SCHOOL WITH HIM, AND REALLY HAD A CRUSH ON HIM!!! AWKWARD!

I had never really been to one. Although my A1c is 5.8, it came from trail and error, because I had to learn it all on my own. My pump trainer almost passed out in my office from a low, and I learned all I needed to know from the instruction manual, and the book, "Pumping Insulin" by John Walsh. The Holy Grail of Diabetic Glories! We have no resources for D where I live.

The conversation started out, you are lucky because Type 1 diabetes is the easiest to have, "If I was a diabetic, I would want to be a type 1". Hmmm mixed with a little WTF, and Grrr! NOT what I wanted to hear this morning, given my frustrations with a perfect A1c, and complications.

My edema is so bad, I know that has helped nudge me to finding help where ever I can. I don't think it has anything to do with weight. When I don't feel good it triggers it. Then its an up and down roller coaster, despite how much fluid I have, or should say don't have. I am hoping the kidney specialist can help out with this next month.

Anywho, we had a chat about weight loss, and what was I doing wrong.Today was an eye opener. I learned "there's no bad food". I still have reservations. I am supposed to be on a 1200 cal diet for the next two weeks, then move down to 1000. I don't know yet how to feel about it. Supposedly, I can eat any kind or amount of food as long as it doesn't go above the magical number, and I correctly bolus for it. It just seems to go against anything I have ever read or done. I can see the logic, but wonder how my body will respond, to my forever labeled (naughty foods). My thoughts race about the traditional low carb, low fat ideas, and really wonder how I would feel (physically) after eating 1200 cals of cookies. My mind races about whether insulin "makes you gain weight" or is that really a myth. Does having a hysterectomy give you the middle spread? I don't know......

He claims that the loss needs to come from calories and not exercise, because I am already pretty active. Despite that, I should be better about getting an extra walk in, and some weight lifting. I have become a weakling since my surgery. :(

Its funny how you still learn, and things change after you feel like you have a grasp on everything. All I know is that I am willing to try anything! I want to loose weight and it seems like a crazy uphill battle. Hopefully he is right! We will see.


  1. You know, he may be onto something. I lost 30 pounds after having Joe by restricting my calories to 1200/day. Now I think I eat more than that...b/c I am where I need to be weight-wise and I work out a lot. It also worked for my hubby (I think he did 1500)...it was through Weigh-less. Good luck. YOU CAN DO THIS.

  2. T1D is the easiest??? Huh???

    I'm always more successful at losing weight when I pay attention to calories.

    Good luck! As Reyna said, you can do this!!!

  3. Thanks girls! I am really going to put all I have into this! I would really like to loose 90lbs. Yeah, I am a chunker, but I am tired of being overweight and I feel like if I blog a little about it, it will make me a little more responsible. My doc says it won't "cure" my health problems, but I told him, I am doing this for me. My doctors have said they really don't have that big of deal with me being overweight, but they feel the control of being on a diet will make me feel more empowered. Now that I have had my hysterectomy, I can exercise again, and that is a nice stress reliever! Thanks for believing in me!