Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Baby!

Baby Feet in Baby Crocs!!

I am so thankful for friends with babies! I can't have my own so my wonderful friends feed my need for babies!

I can't get enough of anything baby! It's funny that everyone wants BIG things, big houses, big cars, and big money! BUT. . . . I LOVE tiny hands, feet, clothes, and baby smiles!

I am very excited to meet my new 4 month old nephew next month. (His mom, my sister lives in Connecticut) I am his Godmother, so I guess I am a mom (kinda).

Thank you friends, for giving me the chance to love on your kidlets! That just makes my life wonderful!

These cute baby feet belong to my co-workers grandson! Her daughter (the baby mom) has Type 1 D too, and her 2 kids are quite the miracle babies! I am so happy for her, and the honor she has to be a mom. I love Kerri's Blog, "Six Until Me" and her posts about her baby. It is amazing to me how much T1 D effects people in every aspect of their lives. I am amazed at the beautiful bonds that people have with their children.

I will never forget a lecture I had in a Psychology class I had in college. The professor (who was quite animated) said that we must never forget that our parents love us like a cave man ready to take on a dinosaur to protect us. Of course there were some funny charades to go with the whole thing, a lot of grunting too! It made me realize that someone wanted us really bad, and we were their baby. They would do ANYTHING to protect us, and still see us as that tiny infant swaddled in that homemade blanket they spent months knitting. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family, and even though I don't say it enough; Mum. . . Poppy. . . I LOVE you more than you'll ever know!

So, Yay!!!! \(^_^)/ for Parents! They are angels on earth!


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