Friday, September 24, 2010

Arrrr! Ahoy Mateys!

This past couple of weeks we have been doing pirate activities! I have to admit, I LOVE them, maybe it has something to do with Johny Depp......... Oh.... anyways it was so much fun. I know this sounds cheesy but there always seems to be a "life lesson" in the most random things.

Some of my residents have never lost their ability to have fun and stay positive. I have some residents that have so many health problems, that they have every right to just lay and bed and do nothing, and yet they always have a smile on their face. I know they are hurting and tired, but they always have a smile and a hug. I can only imagine that, this would be the "lesson of life". I once heard a quote that said, "it doesn't matter the hand we are dealt, it only matters how we play it."

When my life is over, will I be able to say that I remained positive? That I didn't crawl off to the corner, but came out swinging with all my might? I sure hope that I can live my life the way some of the amazing people I get to see everyday, have spent theirs. Anybody that can get dressed up like a pirate and come to a luncheon not feeling good, and be the hit of the party, well let's just say, I hope one day I can be even 10% that awesome!

Thanks Grandfriends! I Love you all!

Oh, and the fact the kitchen staff totally got into the pirate thing! Well, that rocks too! Life is good!



    I'm a R.N. and my absolute FAVORITE population are GRANDFRIENDS :) They have so many stories, much wisdom, and genuine thoughtfulness inside their hearts.

    I'm Wendy, btw. My 7 year old daughter and I both have Celiac and she was dx with T1 5 years ago. She wears a PINK PING :)

  2. Thanks so much for your comment on my blog. :) And thanks for adding me to your blog roll. I'm happy to be there. I'll add you to mine, too. :)

    I can tell how much respect and adoration you have for your residents, and that's truly wonderful.

    I loved the message of this post.

    Keep smiling!

  3. HI! I found you from the Blogger Basal... My name is Reyna, from Beta Buddies. My son, Joe, has type 1.

    Love me some good Wendy, I too, am an RN and the Grand-Population is my absolute favorite!

    I look forward to following you and will add you to my blogroll. I appreciate the insight of PWDs to help me raise Joe in a conscientious manner. Thanks!