Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Oh, The Beauties of Autumn!

I took these photos up the canyon, a couple of miles from my house, and I can't believe how beautiful the colors are!

* On a side note, I am still getting used to the blogging thing so the pictures are lined up kinda funny.


I LOVE my Camera! Wow, and it's 1:10! I should probably go to..... Um what' that called? Oh Yeah, BED!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oh Baby!

Baby Feet in Baby Crocs!!

I am so thankful for friends with babies! I can't have my own so my wonderful friends feed my need for babies!

I can't get enough of anything baby! It's funny that everyone wants BIG things, big houses, big cars, and big money! BUT. . . . I LOVE tiny hands, feet, clothes, and baby smiles!

I am very excited to meet my new 4 month old nephew next month. (His mom, my sister lives in Connecticut) I am his Godmother, so I guess I am a mom (kinda).

Thank you friends, for giving me the chance to love on your kidlets! That just makes my life wonderful!

These cute baby feet belong to my co-workers grandson! Her daughter (the baby mom) has Type 1 D too, and her 2 kids are quite the miracle babies! I am so happy for her, and the honor she has to be a mom. I love Kerri's Blog, "Six Until Me" and her posts about her baby. It is amazing to me how much T1 D effects people in every aspect of their lives. I am amazed at the beautiful bonds that people have with their children.

I will never forget a lecture I had in a Psychology class I had in college. The professor (who was quite animated) said that we must never forget that our parents love us like a cave man ready to take on a dinosaur to protect us. Of course there were some funny charades to go with the whole thing, a lot of grunting too! It made me realize that someone wanted us really bad, and we were their baby. They would do ANYTHING to protect us, and still see us as that tiny infant swaddled in that homemade blanket they spent months knitting. I am very fortunate to have a wonderful family, and even though I don't say it enough; Mum. . . Poppy. . . I LOVE you more than you'll ever know!

So, Yay!!!! \(^_^)/ for Parents! They are angels on earth!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

How Low Can You Go?

Twelve! Yes, that's right, 12! (Sorry, it's kinda long)

A Strange beginning. . . .
A few years back, my parents adopted a new cat. They already ha another cat, and lets just say, "CAT FIGHT!" One day, the cats were fighting really bad, and before I knew that YOU SHOULD NEVER BREAK UP A CAT FIGHT, I did just that. When I intervened, the new cat latched onto my hand, grasping me with both teeth and claws. I was startled, and washed the scratch. It didn't look bad. I just went about the rest of my day. It wasn't too painful until about two day later. By then my hand was completely swelled up! I went to the doctor who started me on oral antibiotics, and after things got worse over the next 5 days. He then gave me injection antibiotics, but as I later found out, it was WAY too late. The infection was spread half way up my arm, and it was in the bone. I was sent to the hospital for IV antibiotics, and surgery (called incision and drainage). I went through this cycle for 2 1/2 months. They never did an MRI, so they didn't realize it was in the bone, and thats why it wasn't healing. I was eventually told I was probably going to loose my right hand, and at the very least my thumb. I was to travel 80 miles away to start hyperbaric (spelling ?) oxygen therapy s a last ditch effort and go on IV medicine that was so powerful, I was going to be on the Oncology floor. ( The medicine made all my hair fall out). It was a pretty crazy time. My Mum couldn't be there all the time so most of it was spent by myself.

"That Day"
I had been there 3 days AND NOTHING WAS WORKING! I was at the end of the hall on the Oncology Floor, last room, and although I had mentioned I had felt strange, I think the nurses, chalked it up to me being sick and not BS problems. They were managing all my insulin, and BS readings. I would call down to have them check it, and they said there was no need for 6-10x a day like I was used to. It was around shift change, and I was sweating . . . . really bad. I felt dizzy and called the nurse. I CNA came down and checked it and it was "low" but in a "normal" range, 78, is "normal" I guess. I asked them to come back and check, because I wasn't feeling right. Well, Guess what? THEY FORGOT ABOUT ME!!! yeah, skinkin' forgot to come back! By then, I felt paralyzed, I couldn't move, and my heart was pounding so hard I thought I was going to die. I don't know how long I was like that, but it seemed like forever! I remember someone coming in and talking to me but I couldn't talk. I tried to move, but that didn't work either. I remember them calling a "code" because it blaring all over the hall. About 10 people came running in with syringes of something called D50. They were testing my BS and I remember as clear as day, a man say, "Oh my God, her BS is 12!" I kept looking at him, trying to tell him, I knew what was going on, and the funny part was, one of the doctors kept talking to me, and I remember someone answering, "I am sure she is unconscious, especially since she was seizing earlier." ARE YOU KIDDING, I am awake and I hear you! After 2 amps of the D50 I was up in the 60's and starting to talk. The only thing I could think of was, I just almost died, and my family is far away, what would've they said to my Mum when they called her?

Later that night I told the nurse that I was aware of everything that was going on, her pretty much called me a liar, until I told her what people were wearing and what they had said. She was shocked, and said she had no idea, because they had learned different in school.

Everything settled down, and I was eventually moved to the University Hospital the next morning, who did an MRI, found out the infection was in the bone, and saved my hand and my life! (In less than 2 weeks, after this had been going on for 5 months!)

I think a lot of people learned a very valuable lessons with all this including me.....

#1 If doctors aren't meeting your needs GO SOMEWHERE ELSE, before they kill you!

#2 Just because doctors & nurses learn stuff in school, doesn't mean that applies to everyone, because every person's "normal" is different. I already knew that, after being in the field 10 years. I think most nurses know this too, because they are the ones down in the trenches helping and speaking for patients. 90% of nurses really care, and it is the crappy ones that are the exception.

#3 If you have to go to the hospital, TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN INSULIN, AND BS CHECKING NEEDS! You may have to fight them on it, but you are the expert when it comes to taking care of your own D needs!

I guess what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger. Despite everything, life is good!

I don't post stuff like this for attention, because that is not what I am looking for. I post it because these are things no one tells you! It's the hard lessons of D life, I hope other people don't have to experience. Especially to all the moms and Dads who diligently battle for what's best for their kids!


Have a great day!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Dexter Saved My Life

I have a problem with LOWS. . . . don't know I am low until I am in the 50's. Most lows happen at night, and by the time I know I am low, I can hardly function enough to correct it.

Last night about 3:00am, I woke up and heard a beep. I am now on oxygen at night because of my Pulmonary Hypertension (A heart condition, that causes lung problems), so I assumed (yeah, I know) it was the oxygen concentrator and went back to sleep. The only part I remember was waking up to loud continually beeping. My hands were shaking and I was covered in sweat, I reached for Dexter and it said 40. I grabbed my meter and after taking about 7 mins to check my BS, I found out I was 32. I searched for something, but to no avail. I practically crawled to the kitchen, and managed to find juice. I fell asleep in the kitchen and woke up about 15 mins. later. My BS was up to 62 by then. I couldn't believe that had happened. I checked Dexter, and sure enough out of the middle of no where there was a huge drop for no reason. You can see in the picture how fast the whole thing happened. Matter of fact, its hard to see it in the picture. (Talk about a yucky headache!)

I am just so blessed that Dexter woke me up, and I was able to do something. When you have scary moments like this, it makes you feel happy that technology has been able to advance this far. DEXTER I LOVE YOU! THANKS for saving my life, and brain cells! I have been freaked out ever since I have read that lows cause brain damage, and can lead to memory loss, and Alzheimer's disease later in life. I already have a crappy memory!

On a lighter note, I had the best nachos tonight with my friends! It was awesome, and thanks to Pumpsley, my BS only got up to 145 and stayed below that for 3 hours. Oh how I LOVE being able to change bolus rates to cover naughty foods! Life is good!!!

Happy Weekend!

Friday, September 24, 2010

Arrrr! Ahoy Mateys!

This past couple of weeks we have been doing pirate activities! I have to admit, I LOVE them, maybe it has something to do with Johny Depp......... Oh.... anyways it was so much fun. I know this sounds cheesy but there always seems to be a "life lesson" in the most random things.

Some of my residents have never lost their ability to have fun and stay positive. I have some residents that have so many health problems, that they have every right to just lay and bed and do nothing, and yet they always have a smile on their face. I know they are hurting and tired, but they always have a smile and a hug. I can only imagine that, this would be the "lesson of life". I once heard a quote that said, "it doesn't matter the hand we are dealt, it only matters how we play it."

When my life is over, will I be able to say that I remained positive? That I didn't crawl off to the corner, but came out swinging with all my might? I sure hope that I can live my life the way some of the amazing people I get to see everyday, have spent theirs. Anybody that can get dressed up like a pirate and come to a luncheon not feeling good, and be the hit of the party, well let's just say, I hope one day I can be even 10% that awesome!

Thanks Grandfriends! I Love you all!

Oh, and the fact the kitchen staff totally got into the pirate thing! Well, that rocks too! Life is good!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What Next?

Fall in Utah. Its so beautiful! The pictures don't do it justice. The tress are so brilliant and beautiful. I LOVE Fall, its my favorite season, but so short lived. As with every change of the season I can't help but think, "What's next?" The changing of the seasons seems to happen faster and faster. That must mean I am getting older and older.

Today I had my 6 week post op for my hysterectomy. There I sat in a huge waiting room FULL of happy girls all about ready to pop. There were people coming and going. I kept seeing couples come out carrying their very first pictures of their unborn children. I couldn't help but be sad, and wonder, on this first day of Fall; What's next for me? I worry about being alone, about being left out, and most of all; NEVER having my own baby. I knew the consequences of having the surgery. Yet it still hurts. I remember telling the doctor that "Chemo and and biopsies for the rest of my life wasn't an option, especially if it means never having kids anyway". It's funny to write, because it still just doesn't seem r e a l. I try not to play the pity party, but sometimes I really wonder what my life would be like without health problems, especially T1 Diabetes. I wonder who I may have not been scared off by the lifetime of an ill spouse, or what kind of home or vacations I could have gone on if (honestly) half of my paycheck didn't go towards medicine, doctors, and insurance companies. . . .

But as sad as I felt earlier, the happier I can be. I am a very blessed person. I have a wonderful family that I love more than anything in the world! Who I could have lost in the landslide that killed three neighbors last year. A boyfriend, who is my very best friend, who has never left me when I was down and really tries to help me be happy and healthy. I have an amazing job, well 2 in fact! With lots of friends, and bosses that have stood by me, even during long bouts in the hospital. Giving me courage, and making sure that I would never have to worry about loosing my job! Wow, what a huge thing in this economy! I have friends a plenty, and I live in a beautiful mountainous valley, that looks like a post card! I have a darling Victorian apartment with a claw foot tub to DIE for! I have life! Although sometimes, I look at what I may have lost, it will never make up for what I have gained!

What's next?
Whatever comes, because I have found that the good always makes up for the bad!

May everyone be as blessed as I am, and enjoy the beauties of life, because sometimes they are a little hard to see!


Wednesday, September 22, 2010


This is Mayzi. She is one of my friend's daughters. I love that she LOVES Pumpsley.
I AM very glad she doesn't have to have one, although she disagrees! :)

I am so excited to post my first post. I have been meaning to for so long but never have. I guess it's okay if no one reads it, I guess most of all sometimes it just helps to "get it out".

I am a 30 year old Type 1 Diabetic. I was diagnosed in February 1998, but had many problems since I was younger, of course always being told "It was hormones." Yeah it WAS hormones, just not the ones they were thinking of. When I went to the doctor and had a BS of 561, they changed their minds.

I have been on an insulin pump for 2 years and that has been a bag of mixed emotions. Some people have said they LOVE their pumps, and for the most part, I love mine, but there are times I hate it too. I just started with a new Dexcom. I tried it awhile back, but insurance didn't cover it, so I stopped for a while. Now, I LOVE MY DEXCOM, DEXTER! I will admit sometimes the BS readings are WAY off but just having the ability to trend my BS is amazing, and makes like so much easier. The downside of all this wonderful technology is having so many things that have to be in you, or on you at all times. It makes life a little frustrating at times. I would NEVER wear a fanny pack. It would defiantly not improve my figure. I have started making "pump clothes" and it has been very successful. I make them with pockets and button holes for tubing and such. I have got adventurous and started making them for the seasons and holidays. They are comfy and makes it easy as my job is so physically demanding. I mean come on, nothing is worse than trying to help a poor Grandfriend that has fallen in the hall, and catching tubing on their foot ripping out your infusion set and adding to the mess. Or... having it fall out and get run over by the bus! Yeah.... No....Comment. :)

I work at a retirement community as the Recreation Therapy Director. I LOVE my job. It's like having 80 Grandparents! It can sometimes be pretty stressful, but all the great times we have make up for that.

I enjoy lots of things. I like animals, and my boyfriend lets me have a farm at his house, because we can't have animals at mine. It's like being a farmer (kind of). We have 5 chickens (Miss Cheap, Alice, Thumbelina, Hickety & Peckety) , 2 bunnies (Reggie &Buddy) , and a Sebastopol Goose named Lucy, that is pretty much our "bratty teenage daughter". I love "cute" things, and I think you are never too old to love the same things that you loved when you are little! That includes stuffed sheep, glitter, and things that are pink!

I am the oldest of 9 kids, and have loved every moment of it! At my house I am known as Nanny! Even though they are all grown up, they still call me that, or the cooler version "Nanster". Our family runs a Haunted Attraction called: "Dead's End". How awesome is that! See the link, it's a cool website. There is also one for my Grandfriends, and Farm!

I am just trying to live life. I have had many health problems, and deal with many everyday. The one thing I have learned is that everyday is truly a gift, and through it all I have met wonderful people, and learned lessons that some people will never learn.

Everyone have a wonderful day, I sure am!